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In the time before, there was only the force. There was the light, the dark, and the in-between. Then came the force users, the Jedi, the Sith, and those who practiced both. Time evolved and then came the republic. The republic led to the council, and the council led to the senate. The senate leads to the clones, and the clones ended a war. but there was one set of clones and Jedi, who could escape and survive in the outer rims of space. Deep in a well of time, a standing point, where life doesn't change or evolve, it just... rests.

A group of four clones and a Jedi knight sit alone, passing through a space unknown to them. "General, the computers have shut down, we're flying blind," One of the clones, Dust, mentions. Maron, the Jedi onboard processes this information, hopefully, this system break will only be temporary. Alas, it wasn't temporary, and a wave of unknown matter strikes the ship, causing the men inside to stop, motionless, unable to know what was happening. For a time being, the ship seemed peaceful and quiet, a small vessel alone amongst the stars. A lot changed in this time where the men were frozen: the republic fell, the empire came and fell, rebels and resistances fought for humanity, and the forces users of yesterday went extinct. New force users and alliances formed over time, creating a culture that these four men knew nothing of.

Eventually, another wave of matter struck the ship, unfreezing the men aboard the Interpreter. In the time they've missed, a lot has happened. Civilizations rose and fell, orders came and went, and nothing is the same. However long it's been, the men aboard the ship don't seem to notice. They look exactly the same, no aging, nothing different. Maron moves around, continuing like nothing's happened, "Hopefully nothin's wrong. The computers should be back soon.'" As he says this, the screens turn back on, filling the ship with light.


It wasn't too much of a surprise that the computer might have trouble this far out. Stuff like that happened, Hobble was sitting down, thanks to the fact they were in a ship, watching as Dust went over the information. Time to them hadn't moved, and yet, so much had happened. In a mere moment it had gone from now to the future. The Republic had rose and fell. Republics were reborn. The entire universe had changed, even the Sith had returned en masse.

However, something else happened. Hobble's face under his helmet went from one of concern, to one of seriousness. As they received an order, as the ship began to update all of a sudden and the many orders they missed flooded through. Among them, Order 66. It was not something he fully thought about, he didn't understand the why. It was an order, it was to be obeyed.

He turned to face Maron Zanak Maron Zanak and his two DC-17_hand_blasters rose quickly with him both firing as he stood up and backpedalled, not quickly, but he did. It was an unpleasant walk, lopsided and slow for someone in combat. But it was being done. It was those two fast firing blasters that were the concern. He was given a command, they had to kill the Jedi.