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Marauders of Korriban

Ella Nova


Marauders of Korriban

What are the Marauders of Korriban?

The Marauders of Korriban or simply known as The Sith Marauders, are an elite, modern era version of the Sith Marauders, who were Sith that specialized and focused on Lightsaber combat. In the modern day, the Sith Marauders operated from the Sith home world, Korriban, found in the Horuset system. Founded by the Sith Knight now Sith Marauder known only as Ayra, the Marauders of Korriban have two objectives: the destruction of the Jedi Order and to bring about Sith sovereignty across the entire galaxy.

The Marauders of Korriban serve the Sith Empire, making the faction a sub faction of the Sith Empire.

How do I become a Sith Marauder?

Devised by Ayra, the Marauders of Korriban run the Sith Marauder training regime, a fifteen phase process in which, by the end of it, you become a Sith Marauder. Each phase has three steps to it and a test. When you pass the test, you pass the phase and move onto the next.

What is the Sith Marauder training regime?

As previously said, the Sith Marauder training regime is a training program in which an individual becomes a Sith Marauder by the end of it. The regime will teach an individual on how to be a "Sith" first and a "Marauder" later, incorporating Sith philosophy, doctrine and training ranging from history to Lightsaber combat. The regime also incorporates military training into itself, turning an individual into a Sith-soldier hybrid. This is designed to give a Sith Marauder the doctrine and training necessary to make them an efficient killing machine when it comes to the wars that the Sith Empire finds itself in. Specifically, the training is designed to make a Sith Marauder into an individual designed to destroy the Jedi Order. It is the hope of Ayra that one day the Marauders of Korriban will be the antithesis to the Jedi Order.

How do I join the Marauders of Korriban?

You can drop a PM to me, where we will arrange for an in character scene so that Ayra can recruit you into the Sith Marauder training regime. I am only looking for individuals that are loyal to the Sith Empire, because as previously stated, the Marauders of Korriban are a sub faction of the Sith Empire. Anyone on the Sith Marauder training regime is expected to also be a member of the Sith Empire and is expected to have this represented in the tags under their character.

Anyone already apart of the Sith Empire are allowed to join the Marauders of Korriban. Whether you are a Sith Apprentice, Sith Knight or Sith Master does not necessarily mean that you will be inducted straight off the bat as a Sith Marauder. In the case of the latter two, however, your progression on the Sith Marauder training regime will be quicker than a Sith Apprentice, as you will already know some of the phases found on the regime already. For example, the first phase on the regime is about the Sith Code, which a Sith Knight or Sith Master will be able to ace.

Anyone who joins the Marauders of Korriban and then leaves the Sith Empire in favor of another faction will automatically fail the regime, only taking the training that they may or may not have already gone through whilst they were on it. If an individual who passed the regime later leaves the Empire in favor of another faction will be a Sith Marauder by their training, but not by title or rank, as anyone who isn't apart of the Empire cannot be a Sith Marauder by trade.

So, join the Marauders of Korriban today, so that the Jedi Order can finally be destroyed and the Sith Empire can rule the galaxy.


It is unknown when the Sith Marauder training regime was devised by Darth Mendacium, but he began accumulating 'cadets' around 810 ABY to teach and train in order for them to become Sith Marauders themselves. In 810 ABY, an cadet by the name of Adamus Straife was inducted and passed all fifteen phases, becoming a Sith Marauder. Later, another by the name of Myra Adraya would also accomplish the same feat. They are the only two surviving cadets of their generation that passed the regime; and in the case of Myra, who became the first female Sith Marauder in the Sith Orders history.

Historically, the regime was ran from Kalist VI, which is suspected to be Darth Mendacium's homeworld, but this is another unknown fact about this Dark Lord of the Sith. In 837 ABY, an woman by the name of Ayra claimed to be a Sith Marauder in the modern Sith Empire under the rule of the Sith Emperor, Kaine Zambrano; and began recruitment for cadets to join a Sith Marauder training regime that she claimed to have devised. Unknowingly to the other Sith, Ayra was in fact the same Myra Adraya that Darth Mendacium had taught and train decades earlier. Under her tenure, the Sith Marauder training regime was used as a training method for the Marauders of Korriban, where Ayra had aspirations to become the Lord of Korriban, with a contingent of Sith Marauders that followed and worked for her. However, by the time that the Marauders of Korriban had been formed, the Mandalorian Empire had already sacked Dromund Kaas and the Empire had lost at Ossus to a Jedi led Republic force. During the Battle of Korriban, where the modern day Galactic Republic sought to end the Sith Empire once and for all, Ayra led an exodus of the cadets that she recruited from the Sith Academy on Korriban to the Kalist system, where they would settle on Kalist VI.

Returning to the Kalist VI Sith Academy fabled to have been built by the bare hands of Darth Mendacium and the generation of cadets that Adamus Straife and Myra Adraya came from, Darth Ayra, whom became a Sith Lord when she joined the secret cult of the One Sith, continues the teaching of the modern day Sith Marauder.

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