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Map Update 30 APRIL 2018

Yikes! There's a bit more information coming in this month's map update than usual. So! Here is what you need to know:
  1. Factions occupying at least one planet within a hex where a recalled faction once occupied another planet in that hex have been adjusted to claim the entire hex, to clean up the map.
  2. SSD rules have been updated to clarify the following: Dominions must be started and completed in the same month to qualify for a SSD.
  3. Map Update submissions generally must be submitted prior to the end of the last weekend of the month. Courtesy extensions may be granted based on the number of days remaining in the month. If you are unsure whether you need an extension, it is best to ask ahead of time.
  4. Each hex may contain a maximum of three planets.
  5. Custom planets must adhere to the following: A maximum of two custom planets may be allocated to a hex.
  6. Only canon planets may occupy a third and final space in the hex. (Though canon planets may occupy one, two, or all three, if no custom planets are within.)
(Edit: A correction to the map has been made as there was originally an error in the dominion location for the Mandalorian Empire. Apologies!)

And now here's your map! (link)​

Ara Zambrano

Sarathiel Ren
[member="Jamie Pyne"]

I'm sure someone has asked this somewhere and I just haven't seen it. For clarification purposes, how does the new map submission deadline affect the SSD requirement?

Mostly, my thoughts got o a situation such as this month, where it ends on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The map requests must be submitted by the weekend prior, leaving a gap of anywhere from 3-5 days of time for a third dominion to be concluded. Would the third dominion for that month still be considered towards the SSD requirement but not show up on the current map update?

Just concerned that this may cut off a significant chunk of time should a faction need it.

Thanks :D
[member="Ara Zambrano"] Request an extension in that case. It will generally be granted. That rule is a buffer for times where, for example, it's Sunday night and the last day of the month is Monday. I generally won't approve extensions for planet additions, but dominions/rebellions/invasions will be given as much time as possible.