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Many Faces, all of them me

She moved, in the ceremony it was like old hat. something that could be done as now there was a great deal allowed. here on her homeworld they only had so many things that could be done, only had so many things that were able to be done. The sick and old men, who wanted to continue to have just a little longer to live and couldn't take their things with them. She was their refuge as they came up the mountian to her palace.
The jedi themselves had been giving her some ideas, they seemed to respect well her for what she was. Not looking down on her as they understood the natural flow of life and what could come up it but also knew that forcing her to not do what her position required would be a dangerous thing for everyone involved. She just had to much like in her and it would destroy her if she didn't share it with the sick and the dying to give them a little more time.
it wasn't much time compared to some but Saori could think of ways to help them. For the most part thy spent their last years with her being cared for and strong. Able to siphon just enough of her life force that was in excess and allowing the force to preserve her life for hundreds of years. Able to live far longer then all of the others themselves before she stuck around seeing all fo the things that they had around the galaxy.
She was seeing some fo the other things before they were moving around when she had some fo the attention on a few of the other things here. Wanting to test out some parts for herself though with a small grin on her face finally walking around and seeing some of the exotic silks and some of the gemstones that had been brought out to her so that she could admire it and choose the person.
They had sought to gain her favor with their gifts and this one was no exception. All of their valuables, resources, titles, possessions were given to her as a dowry compared to most. it allowed her to live here in luxury for hundreds of years during which time she could have many many husbands from around the galaxy. It wasn't always perfect and some sought to try and use this to live forever but the power burned through them after a time.
She was able to look at some of the parts for hersel, where she wanted to risk a few of the other things with one of the droid servants coming in and bringing some food for herself here. There was a lot that was going into things with a small look appearing on her face so she could roam around here. Holding the bowl and small plate before sitting down with a hardlight trey appearing to set the food on.
Saori sat there looking out on the view screen that was massive, designed to show her anything and entertain her. There was truth in the whole hermit thing but it was mostly because she preferred to be away from people after awhile and this husband was dangerous to many of the others when he was coming around. She tapped that hardlight with a look of interest on her face.
She was looking at the things they had going on. With a few others things for themselves until she looked over now and again. Seeing the older sith who was there and trying to get her to be a problem until the life bearer was prepared with a far more dangerous thing. The jedi themselves were something to see as they were keeping him here on the planet compared to many of the others.
Saori had other thing sto work with while she was eating some of the soup with the spoon there. The plate with buttered crackers, some small bread and everything that they had going on for themselves here. She was looking at it before they were moving around everywhere here now. Until the area was becoming a place that tey would be able to do. She was eating and enjoying herself.
The view screen was showing different things from around the galaxy, allowing her to get information about different things going on from a war, an actual war between the GA and the first order that had gone to a number of different things. She was unsure about a few of the different things that they had been working on. She could see it and over at a few of the things for herself.

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