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Making Friends

Cedric Dorn

Atrisia, what an interesting world it was. Soliael stood within the center of Jar'Kai, Atrisias largest city and its capital. He stared about at the hustle and bustle of all the people, observing them with a quiet eye. Every now and then a small black speck floated across his eye. It was almost unnoticeable to him, impossible to see unless one was looking for it, unless one knew it was there. Quietly he searched the crowds.

He was looking for no one in particular, but he had found that in this galaxy there were few planets that did not hold anything of interest. Atrisia, he suspected held many interesting things and that was why he was here now. Soliael was looking for something, anything that could be of interest to him. Slowly Soliael panned his head to the side until he spied a group of soldiers. He found that their armor was perfectly lined, it was smooth and flowing, almost beautiful. He appreciated the artwork of it and almost became lost within it until finally he snapped out of it.

Soliael frowned slightly as he moved back into real life. Finally he began to move away from the square. As he walked a man stepped up to him, the man unnoticeable by Soliael bumped into him and in one quick motion slipped the ring off the Sith's fingers. The man was a pickpocket, though Soliael guessed that.

As son as the ring slipped off his finger however it was too late. A torrent of darkside energy lashed out, Soliael became a lighthouse of the force. At the same time a wave of pain came over him. The Force crashed back into him causing pain. He fell to his knee's, nearly collapsing completely.
@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"]

Jar'Kai, her home away from the Citadel. The Grand Inquisitor was in the square, in her usual IIB uniform. At her waist, a slugthrower, in a boot a holdout, a blade tucked under her jacket in the back and her saber was lastly sealed within a pocket, on a hidden seam along her thigh. This the woman's lunch break and even with her icy heart, she did long for the markets, the art works and beautiful things. More often than not, she did not even eat on the break, just wandered the stalls looking for anything of interest.

For one without memories beyond the day she woke in the care of the Atrisian Empire, Atrisia itself had become her home. Granted she had no choice in the matter. Otherwise she would have perished, executed without even knowing her true name. Something the dark woman could not bear. Here on the streets, her presence in the force was masked completely. It was paramount to remain hidden unless absolutely required. The public needed to feel safe from people like her and on top of that, she didn't need other force users who had yet to be discovered know of her alignment lest they flee.

As she crossed the street, a tidal wave seemed to lash out through the force, slamming into her. This alone drew a frown across her beautiful features, a bad sign if ever there was one. Eyes flicked about and she extended her senses while searching the area for the source. Finally, she saw the man, down on his knee and quickly she shored up her presence once more, hid it from view and approached quickly.

Quite the actress, concern spread across her lips as she knelt down along side him. "Are you alright sir?" If only she could get him to willingly come with her, there would be no need for a public confrontation and she could easily lure him into a trap. "Is there something I can do to help you?" She spoke softly, radiating kindness through the force, as well as concern, wishing to help, all seeming genuine for a change. The pain she could feel so harshly in the force, and while the Grand Inquisitor would never care, Rebecca Novar, the role she played now, would.

Cedric Dorn

Soliael frowned and the expression on his face was nearly completed with pain. As the woman came up to him radiating with kindness and concern he looked up at her. His eyes spoke of true pain, waves and waves washing over him again and again until finally they stopped. The force refilled him completely, and Soliael was once again given control of his faculties. Slowly he stood to his full height looking down at the woman. He smiled slightly, as if nothing at all had happened.

Of course something had happened. The Force had been thrust back into him and for the next thirty minutes or so he would be far more vulnerable than he would have liked, especially since he had been parted with his ring.

“I'm fine. Do you happen to know where the young man that stole my ring went?” Soliael said the words with strain in his voice, the pain still evident within him. He was weak, too weak. Atrisia was now far too dangerous for him.

He needed his ring, and then he needed to leave as fast as possible. Unfortunately for him he would never get off world without it, they would see him for what he was if he tried.
Mirien hadn't even been looking when the ring had been stolen. Her attention only drawn to after such. "I'm afraid not." She said with a frown, saddened but still wanting to help. But she had an idea! She was IIB after all. "But .. I may have a way to help you." A smile now back on her lips and she rose up with him. "I work with Intelligence, a boring desk job, but however I have access to the security feeds I'm certain I could find your thief. If you'll just come with me, we can get this all straightened out I promise."

Her eyes pleading softly, hoping he'd come with her. "Please, just let me help you. I know I can." She had no doubts of it. Now it was time to see if he'd take the bait. "Its sad but even here stealing is a problem. He'll lose a hand for it, but the punishment fits the crime here." She shrugged it off. "Why don't you just come with me? It's a small office, and still lunch time, no one will be there but us."

Cedric Dorn

Soliael looked at the woman, a part of him screamed that she was trying too hard to get his attention and draw him to the IIB. Another part however screamed at him that she was a beautiful woman trying to lure him into a place where they would be alone. The latter screaming voice won, go figure.

He continued to look at the woman for a few more seconds until finally he simply nodded to her. Unfortunately for Soliael he was part Zeltron, this meant that he was more inclined to the...funner side of life. Part of this manifested in him to make him enjoy the...pleasures of life far more than a regular human being, it also didn't hurt that he was extremely sensitive to the force and he could feel the need to be nurturing off of this woman. The Sith could not help himself. For all of his strength and power Soliael was useless against a pretty face.

“Alright.” He simply said his face a complete wall of stone. He wasn't thinking, and it would lead him into a trap.
That got Mirien, er Rebecca downright cheery but she only let her concern show through and her desire to help. All of it an act and he was buying it. With a nod of her head, she motioned for him to follow him. "I'm Rebecca by the way. And you are?" She asked softly but moving swiftly through the streets. Right now with her ruse of catching the thief, she'd need to hurry to track the leads. "Not that I mean to rush, just thieves and the Reki move fast around here. Last thing I want is for your ring to be lost forever."

Finally she came to a nondescript building, and as she keyed in the password to the backdoor, sliding her keycard through the reader, the door finally pushed open and she headed inside. The first room they came to was empty, save for a secretary at the front desk. "Guest pass for me Lex?" She asked but something about it seemed more like an order.

He looked up to the pair but said nothing as he tossed one to her. "Follow the rules, or it'll be your ass."

She shook her head, "Yeah, yeah I know." Giving a shrug she reached back and handed the pass to him. "Wear it, just in case anyone comes in, the pass will keep them from questioning it." As they would move further on in the facility, as she had said it was mostly empty. Only once after the front desk did they pass another agent, who merely lofted a brow, watched the pair and moved on.

Finally she came upon a small office and walked into it. Waving to the seat across the desk, she motioned for him to sit. "Can't let you on this side of the computer, sorry." With that she flopped into the chair in front of the computer and using her keycard she plugged it into the computer and keyed in a lengthy password before she started to pull things up across the screen. As she worked things were already in motion, people were arriving at the building and as deep as she was in there, as wandering as the path she had taken him on, it would be difficult for him to find his way back out. Soon the noose would be tightening around his neck, just he was not quite aware of it yet.

Cedric Dorn

As they wandered through the building the uneasy feeling within Soliaels stomach began to grow. His thoughts of bouncing breasts disappeared and were replaced with thoughts of being killed. It was not long before he found himself realizing that he had walked straight into the Imperial Intelligence Bureau, also known as the people who audited Stormtroopers. He frowned as this realization came to him, though of course he kept up the charade. If he made a break for it now he would likely be shot and killed, something he did not at all want.

“Devin.” Soliael said in answer to her question of his name. It was his middle name, not shown in any records or even told to anyone in over two hundred years. The name had come from his Mother, though Soliael had never been told from where. It was the name he gave when he was trying to be discrete, this was one of those moments.

When she plopped down in her computer chair Soliael eyed her, making sure she didn't pull out some sort of weapon. At the same time he stretched out with his force senses, attempting to map a path through the building using people as way point.

He paid Mirien no mind, thinking that she would be unable to sense his blanket like spreading of the force. At the same time he began to pool the darkside within himself, steeling his body for what was to come. “Oh thats perfectly okay, I understand.”

He spoke calmly, trying to fool her just long enough.

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