Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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Make your mark...

Looking to start up a crew again. Basically this will be a firefly type crew taking on jobs from smuggling to stealing, to whatever pays.

Positions needed:
Muscle/Hitter: [member="Joran Del-Finn"]
Annoyingly Anti-Social And Slightly Violent Pain-In-The-Rear Stowaways / Passengers: [member="Eryn"]

Of course there are places where everyone doubles up... especially if one can pull of being a Grifter also...

Okay so maybe I'm mixing Firefly with Leverage...
Like Sweet-Tarts Without The Sweet Part
C'mon, Chaos, don't make me use mouth-to-mouth on this thread. There's gotta be more scum and villainy out there looking for a position.

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