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Byss Warrior

(Master Majoran in his youth)

NAME: Majoran

FACTION: The Galactic Alliance
The Silver Jedi Order

RANK: Master

SPECIES: Abyssin

AGE: Around 160-170 years

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'11"

WEIGHT: 160 lbs

EYE: Green

HAIR: White

SKIN: Green


- Adept: Majoran has and always will have much power in the force.

- Swordsman: Majoran has always been skilled with a blade, including his lightsaber.
- Combatant: Majoran is a skilled hand to hand combatant, although being a little over the half way threshold of his life.

- Arrogant: Majoran has always seen himself as the best, leading to his general bad attitude to others.
- Rude: Majoran is and never will be the nice guy.
- Bad Company: Majoran has bad luck with dealing with others, typically unless they are Jedi or accepting of his annoying and rude behavior.
- Get off my Lawn!: Majoran is pretty old and grumpy compared to any human or younger species.

Majoran looks like a common green skinned cloaked old man, and on closer inspection you can see that his staff has a secret compartment containing his lightsaber.

Majoran was born into a middle class family on Byss, when Byss was thriving. He grew up relatively normal, except that his hotheadedness resulted in him being bullied often. When he was 8, he was savagely beat by some older peers of his that he had offended. He unleashed a torrent of power that threw the three bullies at least 15 feet, injuring them. After talking with Byss' authorities, Majoran was handed to the Jedi Order (circa 650 - 700 ABY).

​Majoran trained for years and was eventually retained some status with the order. He was a revered master and had a large bounty because of the opposing sith of that time. A small war was held between these two groups and in the process, most of Byss was destabilized and destroyed. Majoran then fleed and went into hiding, as the Jedi Order rendered him missing in action.

Eventually, Byss recovered. Majoran, filled with grief, lived in solitude for about 100 years, forgetting many things about himself and spending most of his days meditating and honing his powers. Recently, Majoran was found by some mercenaries who tried to kill him, and that gave him perspective on how much time had passed. He convinced them to stop and drop him off on a civilized planet, so he could once again continue on his journey for the light.


Byss Warrior
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