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Chaos-God of Gluttony
So I pose to you all today, since I'm writing up our first thread, the question of what three planets do we wish to start out with?

I'd like to start out with Ziost, any other planets I don't mind, but keep in mind that we want the most area possible. We can claim any two planets (that aren't occupied) within one hex of our Capital.

Eosin Ryj

I think we ought to stay minor and nip the heels of the Republic until enough of a power base is built up. Basically the Sith equivalent to the Army of Light, only we're not as maddeningly lame. Going major at this stage in the game will likely just get us crushed by the Fel or the Republic.
Chaos-God of Gluttony
Oh of course not, technically we could go major now, but that is a stupid ass idea. We need a bigger member base. This discussion is just the possible options of where we would like to set up shop once the general consensus is that we should be able to.

I think we should begin with lots and lots of skirmishes, but treat them like Invasions. Soften up the other factions and advertise ourselves through Roleplaying action.


I'm glad we're not going major because we need soldiers to help us this these skirmishes as well as Sith rather than just NPCs.

Are we based on Ziost? If we are would it not make sense to go for Thule (unless occupied) and I'd like to say Korriban, but that has been conquered by the Republic - as far as I'm aware. It would make sense for the Republic to keep a hold on Korriban (now Moraband or whatever) because of the sentimental attachment the Sith have to that world.
I know this isn't much of a suggestion towards a world for if we ever do reach major status, but having holdings (via the corruption of neutral governments) in various positions across the galaxy so that should the entire section of space where the old Sith Empire become occupied by Fel, Mandalorian or Republic governments there is always a few places we can go. Plus it would give us a good reach across the entire galaxy to create skirmishes (forgive me if they don't work that way; I haven't been involved in one on Chaos) on multiple planets against multiple factions.
Ohio Deep Lore Master
@[member="Vereor"], it does not matter where we are based. As long as we are a minor faction we don't control any planets. Essentially we can operate wherever we want within the feasible limits of the RP.

Honestly we probably could beat the Jedi now that Sith activity is back. Which is why I did not want to shell everything in the first place.
Chaos-God of Gluttony
That would be correct, we can pretty much pop up and skirmish anyone anywhere at any time. However, I think we should treat them for our sake as part of our story, and thus we should condense them to one general area. Also, we should proceed with them OOC as Invasions, but our strategy would be to hit and run, until we've subjugated enough worlds and enslaved enough populations to create our War Machine when we major.

Anyway, any other thoughts as to a Rally point? @[member="Arcturus Procyon"] mentioned Krayiss II?

I think that's how our capital will be treated, it will just be a common rally point.