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Major Daggett

Jasper Daggett

​Major Jasper Daggett

NAME: Jasper Daggett
ALLEGIANCES: The First Order
RANK: Major
AGE: 43
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'1"
EYES: Stormy Blue
HAIR: Salt and Pepper
SKIN: Olive

I was born on Fest. Historically, my people hated Imperial Rule.

It was poverty that led my parents to leave the northeastern fringes. If you were not part of the Muun bureaucracy, the chances that wealth would find you was limited- unless you sought to gain it by criminal means. The Republic of old had means by which people like us could squeeze by, live a normal life, integrate with society on a new world- but my father was a determined man. "There is nothing to be gained, my son," he told me, "by simply getting by on the kindness of others. A man must make his own way, even if he must bleed to do so."

​He enlisted in the Auxillaries when I was still very young. My mother watched him go off to battle with great pride. I remember that same pride. Even when my father's belongings were returned to us, we knew he had died in service to something that gave us a new way of life. Our way of life. My mother was happy to be a citizen, and I was happy that my father died a hero. I hoped, one day, that I might be a hero like my father.


Inspiring Leader: Jasper has been a pilot for a good long time, and is a veteran of multiple campaigns. He has seen novices turn to aces and led all levels of pilots during his tenure. He knows how to lead by example, and is never one to give an order he would not follow himself. Daggett is often the first in and last out of any dogfight.

Virtuoso Pilot:​ One of the Starfighter Elite. Unlike many pilots, Daggett is able to perform with or without a Tactical Officer aboard a larger vessel. Because of this, he can quickly shift between one or more strategies and allow the fleet more adaptability in combat.

​Flight Acuity: ​While his body has aged, his mind remains as sharp as ever. At the helm of a ship, his combat reflexes are at the pinnacle for someone without the Force.


Not a Stormtrooper: ​There's a definite difference between ground combatants and pilots. He is often armed for contingencies, but rarely armored. It's best to leave the flying to him and any footwork to designated staff.

Getting older: ​He's at an age where most fighter pilots have accepted honors and moved up to staff larger vessels. An oddity among his peers, he might be the oldest Starfighter pilot in the ranks of the First Order. There is some criticism among his peers, but his achievements and commitment to duty earn him nothing but respect from ranking officers. Still, he's not as spry as he used to be.

Coffin Jockey: Flying a TIE series ship takes a lot out of a person over time. The immense G Forces have caused Jasper to require routine medical treatment in order to maintain his clearance to fly. He is a candidate for cybernetic augmentations to help with this, but thus far has declined them.


Since the first time I saw the stars, I wanted to be among them.

​I marveled at every ship when I was a boy, and talked at lengths with pilots about different vessels, engines- anything you can imagine, I was obsessed. Starfighters were my first love.

​I entered the academy as soon as I was able. We were poor, but with my father's service I was accepted as a candidate. One of the Stormtrooper Corps, and dear friend to my father sponsored me. Several years passed, and I joined the Corps proper. Somewhere during that time, my mother took ill, and died before I could make it home to care for her. It was her wish that I live the life my father made for me, and I have tried to honor that wish ever since.

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