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The Fist of Nar Shaddaa
(Just re did this character, please delete original)​
[SIZE=18pt]Mactavish Vox[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Name:[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]Mactavish Vox
FACTION: None Yet, though likely AoL
RANK: Jedi Padawan/Darkside Hunter
AGE: 24
[SIZE=10pt]SEX:[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]Male
HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 160 lbs
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Black and dreaded.
SKIN: The color of stimcaf.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
[SIZE=10pt]+Psychometry: 1 in every 100 Kiffar are given the ability of psychometry. This ability gives Mactavish the natural ability to read imprinted memories off of objects. He can even use it to track his targets, though it requires much more concentration and sometimes yields no results.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]+Military Background: Mactavish is trained in military knowledge, feeling at home behind repeating blasters and melee weapons alike. He is no exotic weapons expert however, but he is still quite dexterous. This also extends to survival skills such as hunting, cooking, and all around survival in nature or other areas without shelter. He is proficient in tying and untying most knots, he has seen himself out of some tight situations.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]+Dark Side Dueling: Mactavish seems most at home behind the blade dueling evil, he would rather jump into a group of fighting soldiers than watch from afar like a sniper or a medic. He has brushed up against evil multiple times in his travels, and lucky for him his willpower and mental fortitude overcame the dark corruption that could have otherwise ripped him from the Light Side.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]-Lack of Valor: Mactavish is by no means evil or a bad man, but in the same breath he is also not opposed to laying flat a group of enemies with his blasters then going in and finishing up with a close quarters fight. He has yet to kill someone who he didn't think deserved it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]-Lack of discipline: Mactavish is much more useful on the front lines, wielding his blade with fiery vigor, than he is doing much else. This has caused him to suffer in his abilities to manifest the Force, instead he uses it to enhance his combat abilities.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]-Anger: With the aforementioned problems, it is hard for the warrior to sometimes control his anger. He has resisted the siren’s call of the Dark Side so far, and will be seeking training to help him further. [/SIZE]

Mactavish is a hearty and strong Kiffar, he stands about the size of a normal human and would appear to be the same as most humanoids. The things that set him apart are his hair and his tribal markings. He has a yellow line running along the width of his face, over his nose, and back to his ears. On the left side there is another line running from the edge of his temple down to his strong jaw line. His raven locks are fashioned into thick dreads; he takes good care of them so they often smell of Corellian Rose blossom and incense. He has hazel colored eyes that seemingly drift into his bronzed olive skin. He is usually not bothered with much armor, donning his combat gear and his weapons. He usually carries a blaster or two, and has a hidden blade in each boot at all times, these numbers usually increase dramatically when he thinks he is heading toward danger. He is also usually seen carrying an accordion, his favorite instrument to play.

[SIZE=10pt]Born in a remote part of Corellia, Mactavish was raised by his mother, Opal Vox, a one-time Nubian politician turned into a housewife by Mac’s father and biggest inspiration, General Olaf Vox. The general had been responsible for many victories for the Naboo armies until he gave up the battlefield when his wife got pregnant. It was a culture shock for the Naboo to have two Kiffar in such high regard, and when they left it left a power vacuum, allowing the other Naboo to grab for their titles, soon people started to make death threats saying if either of them returned to their positions they would kill the baby. So before they even had Mactavish his story of fleeing started.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]The one time powerhouse general and the iron lady of Naboo made an unassuming couple on Corellia, especially as far out as they went. Olaf took up the mantle Alf, a whiskey brewer in the mountains, fulfilling his lifelong dream of making the ‘perfect’ Corellian Whiskey. His mother took up a life of sewing and gardening. They fed the Kiffar youngling very well. Opal, who now went by Orah, started taking lessons from their gardener years before they left the planet Naboo, it turned out she had developed quite the green thumb.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Mactavish Vox grew up taking his education seriously, attending school all the way till the year before he would have graduated, when he dropped out to join the local military when Corellia came under attack by dark forces. That was when his career of taking down his amoral enemies was born. He served as quite an asset for the military, his tracking abilities providing a bounty of targets for their interrogators. By the age of twenty-two, Mactavish had made a name for himself as a ruthless gun, an enemy on his own.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]It wasn’t long until the Kiffar felt a rumble in his aura, his conscience telling him what he was doing wasn’t right. There was something off about how he felt when he was killing for the Corellian government. He left the military soon after, more or less going AWOL. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]He’d participated in countering the Omni blight on Corellia, moreover, he survived it. He stood by the militia through many of Correlia's darkest hours in the few years he was employed there. It would take a lot of courage and searching after something like leaving all that behind before he would be able to move on. The Kiffar warrior took his weapons and his dignity and fled Corellia, fled his parents, and fled his future in the military. There were dark things brewing in the galactic government, things that people as low as Mactavish didn't know about, but they were still unsettling. The young Kiffu warrior would have to get some real life experience before he would be able to do anything about it. He had struck the second chapter in his book of flight in ink.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]It took him a year of getting his head in trouble, feeling out the galaxy for the first time without some general telling him how to live before he was able to appreciate it. It was a dangerous year, one filled with drinking, sex, lies, blood, tears, sweat, and a new definition for the phrase 'tricky as a Gungan's tongue'. He learned that his ego was twice as tough as he was, making out with a few black eyes and a couple cracked bones, nothing his old man wouldn’t have called a learning experience. The bloodsoaked blackouts and residual damages were the only semblance to a connection he still held with his father, even less when it came to his mother. He wasn't able to contact them in fear of their phones being tapped and his location being compromised by the government.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]The Kiffar warrior had always known he was Force Sensitive, his father had him tested when he was very young. However, General Olaf Vox was powerful enough to stop his son from going to train as a Jedi. Instead, the general had manipulated the training system to teache the boy how to feel the Force the same time as they taught him how to battle. Due to his lack of training, Mactavish’s Force abilities are usually most effective in battle. This has led him to seek out the rumble in his stomach, the dark feeling he got, these battles fill his body with more than adrenaline and excitement, the empowerment in the Force is an afterthought..[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]It wasn't long however before traveling the galaxy in search of evil, getting drunk at bars, and searching for the Force got boring. He wanted to learn what his true potential was, wanted to train himself to be more than he already was. It would be a bumpy road, but the Kiffar warrior was ready to take it…whatever the cost. [/SIZE]

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[SIZE=10pt]No PCs

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