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Factory Denied M8 Power Sniper

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Charlotte Casse

Intent: To introduce a unique blaster rifle with several key configurations and modes of use


Source: https://img.nickpic.host/3mpiZ8.jpg (Image done by Lan-Dai Navras)

Canon Link: N/A
Primary Source: Blaster Rifle, Sniper Rifle


Manufacturer: Charlotte Casse

Affiliation: Charlotte Casse

Model: M8

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Material: Dallorian Alloy infused with Songsteel


Classification: Blaster Rifle/Sniper Rifle

Size: Large

Weight: Medium

Ammunition Type: Power Cell, Gas Canister

Ammunition Capacity: 150 Power Cell, 600 Gas Canister

Reload Speed: Low

Effective Range: Battlefield

Rate of Fire: High

Stopping Power: High

Recoil: Average/High depending on setting



The rifle’s body and overall parts are largely protected from lightsaber strikes due to songsteel reinforcement.

An upgrade in its cooling module and cooling vents provides greater prevention against internal overheating and decreases chances of an explosive overload when engaged in rapid fire.

Can easily be reconfigured from an automatic blaster rifle to a sniper rifle without attaching or detaching any of its parts, relying solely on the expansion or contraction of key parts of the rifle’s anatomy.


The rifle’s exposed moving parts are highly susceptible to damage from enemy fire, one blast is enough to damage the targeted part and the rifle overall, which will then require repair.

The M8’s rotary underbarrel can be jarred and dislodged from its place, or rendered inoperative if it receives strong enough blunt force trauma.

Despite its efficiency, the M8 requires constant maintenance due to the rifle’s intricate assembly and anatomy. Prolonged use without due checkups can result in the rifle jamming/malfunctioning in plain combat.

Switching from one mode to the next in a firefight will alter the way the rifle uses the power from its power reserves, thus the power will drain faster.

While its sniper mode is highly efficient across great spans, it’s awkward, clumsy, and detrimental to use in a close range intervention. Likewise, its automatic setting is perfect for close range firefights, but near useless when firing at distant targets. Each mode must be selected accordingly.


Having spent a year learning weapons engineering among those responsible for the Westar line of blasters, Charlotte ultimately decided to take on an ambitious project. Charlotte would take parts from the Amban Sniper Rifle, the J-21 Rotary Sniper Rifle, and the Westar M5 Blaster Rifle, reverse engineer each model, then finding a way to fit key components from each of the 3 rifles to create a working prototype that would suit her style. For half a year she worked in secret, learning all she could about each individual rifle and their components. After she returned to her father, she then worked quietly in trying out how best to take core parts from each to assemble them in order to build an all purpose rifle. Certain parts Charlotte had to rebuild from scratch in order to make them fit with one another, but eventually she was able to fit all necessary parts while adding new components and aspects to create what she calls the “M8 Power Sniper”.

The settings are as follows:

Automatic Mode: In this mode the barrel and stock are contracted and the rifle places more emphasis on spraying firepower in either bursts or full on automatic firing. This mode being the rifle’s default, it uses its respective power sources accordingly. While the rifle is powerful at mid range, its power outage is useless when dealing with targets at further distances.

Taser Mode: In this mode the 2 prongs near the tip of the barrel extend. While in this configuration, any physical contact made with the prongs will result in a paralyzing charge being given off. Any shot fired will result in a non-lethal blast that will neutralize the target and leave them temporarily stunned. Due to the setting, each shot taken in taser mode is equivalent to 5 shots in automatic mode. The rifle then locks for 2 seconds before another taser shot can be taken, also noteworthy is the fact that taser shots have a greater range than automatic shots, but less than sniper shots.

Sniper Mode: In this mode the barrel and stock extend further and the rifle places more emphasis on precise, powerful shots meant to take out enemies at a distance. This mode requires more power in order to deal with the distance as well as to deal damage. To that end, each shot in sniper mode is equivalent to 10 shots in automatic Mode. Due to the increased power outage and overall setting, the rifle locks for a minimum 5 seconds before allowing another sniper shot to be taken, even though the recommended waiting period is 7 to 8 seconds after each shot. While the Rifle is in sniper mode, its settings and overall performance are detrimental in a close quarters firefight.
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Please make sure you're using all of the template for your submission. You don't have a rating (heavy, light, etc) for weight.

Review the entire template and tag me when you're done please!

Charlotte Casse Charlotte Casse

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Charlotte Casse Charlotte Casse

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I never got a tag!

As it stands, your manufacturer is linked to a canon company, but you have the name of your character. Please fix this to either be made by BlasTech (in which case you'd need the company owner's permission) or your character (link to your character profile for this instead.)

You don't have any special features listed. "Varaible modes, including sniper, assault," etc would go here as well as in the strengths.

Also, your weight for this would probably just be average.
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