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Approved Tech M1 Heavy kinetic armor

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Intent: personal protection for Zaralax

Image Link: (I couldn't get a link of the picture by itself, this is the best I could do)

Canon Link: N/A

Primary source: N/A

Manufacturer: Zaralax

Model: N/A

Modularity: NO

Affiliation: Zaralax

Production: Unique

Material: Phrik outer shell, Durasteel inside

Classification: Multipurpose

Weight: Heavy


Blasters: Very High
Kinetic: average
Lightsaber: Very High
Other: (EMP: Very Low)

Special features: Powered armor.

  • Phrik outer shell resist Lightsabers and blasters.
  • Powered armor state allows quick movement despite heavy weight
  • durasteel inner plaiting protects against most conventional attacks
  • Helmet features an automatic ventilation system, flushing most gasses and replacing them with oxygen.
  • Single Fuel source on armor, one well placed attack, emp, sonic attack, etc, will make this armor a tank, tough, but really, really slow.
  • Helmet impairs vision
  • Joints are weak to concentrated fire

Description: As Zaralax decided to make himself more know, he needed an armor that would protect him, from both blasters and the lightsabers his jedi enemies would use. With more common materials failing to protect him from lightsabers and similar weapons, he turned to Phrik. The rare metal provided the protection he needed from lightsabers. Due to the fact that Phrik was incredible rare, he was only able to make a outer shell of Phrik, with the rest made of durasteel.


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You're missing some Categories and Fields from the Armor template. Please add them back to your submission and fill them out appropriately.

Zaralax said:
Manufacturer: Chai La armory
Do you have permission from the owner of this company to use them as a Manufacturer for your armor?
If so, please provide said permission.
Alternately, you can just list the name of your character under Manufacturer, since your Production is Unique.

Your History section needs to be renamed to DESCRIPTION and buffed up a bit. Doesn't need much, but at least one solid paragraph is generally what we're looking for. Maybe describe how Zaralax built his power armor, why he built it, if there's any particular history behind it, etc.

Looks good otherwise, nicely balanced. Just make the above edits and we should be good to go. :)


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No problem, we're here to help. If you've got any additional questions ask away. :D

I'll still need you to add the missing items from the Armor template I linked in my previous post. I'd recommend you open your submission and the template side-by-side in two windows and add the lines that you're currently missing.


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I'm really sorry to be this nitpicky, but those are the rules. You're still missing the category headers – OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION, PRODUCTION INFORMATION and TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS.

Once you add those headers back in, I can stamp this. :)
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