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M.Ent.O.R. Kad (Revamped)


RANK: M.Ent.O.R. (Master Enterprise Organization Regulator), Chairman of I.R.I.S.
AGE: 45
HEIGHT: 1.7 meters
WEIGHT: 77 kilograms
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Grey
SKIN: White


Scientifically minded - Kad is a very intelligent man with many differing interests, from machines, to biology, to running an effective business. His curiosity knows no bounds.

Manipulative - Kad is very good at lying, or deceiving you into accomplishing tasks you may have originally been unwilling to perform. But all of this is in good nature after all, it's for science!


Physically weak - He-he, he doesn't work out! He's an old guy and more of a braniac than anything else. Physical activity is to occupy the boredom of those who can't understand the universe, and seek to escape it.

Financially unstable - Kad has a hard time keeping his checking book in line, it's so difficult when you produce so many scientific marvels!

BIOGRAPHY: Dirt poor to.... well a bit more than dirt poor. Kad has always struggled with his money, even before he was born. In the Sith Empire, his parents weren't among the fortunate who were rich and powerful, or Sith. They were ordinary folk, just scraping by. Then they had a baby, and things got even more tight. But the boy was brilliant... absolutely brilliant. So many fascinations, so many interests, so much potential... "if only he had been raised in the Republic" they said. The sacrificed so much to make sure their boy had a solid education, selling away their lives, their dignity, and their reputation to anyone who would buy. They both took on multiple jobs, engaged in less than dignifying activities, and begged upon their knees... grovelled even, in some cases. Their boy, was left alone for much of his life, while his parents endlessly tried to ensure him a better future. They piled themselves a handsome debt through loans as they sent him to schools far out of their class, for beyond their reach of affordability.

He went to very prestigious schools in his region... and the brilliance they had so desperately tried to show the world began to shine through. He was a bitter child though, bullied, taunted, and singled out. He was the play thing of those who were bigger than him, and less intellectually stable.. as seemed to be the tragic case of most of those within the oppressive hands of the Sith. He hated his parents despite their love that he was blind too, unappreciative of what they had given him. He just wanted to be with his parents... he didn't want to hear how they died from loan sharks... he didn't want to hear how they burned down his house... he didn't want to hear that he was being sent to an orphanage. Unfortunately, no matter how stubborn you are reality is bound to catch up with you. Orphaned and spiteful, Kad's intellectual property only increased, and his respect for authority diminished. He learned to lie, and lie really good. He learned how to command, and to command better than the next guy around. Then it came to be that he was the bully, the power had shifted from dominating muscle to crushing cunning.

Tattle tales, cries.
Blackmail, lies.
Conspiracy, demise.
Death threats... flies.

If he were force sensitive as a child, he would have made out to be a very, very good Sith. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't, and had to claw his way up. It wasn't long before he became a scientist (with some fancy pancy certifications), and the angry teenager (now a young man) began to calm down a bit. He devoted his life to furthering his studies and increasing his scientific knowledge. Eventually though, he ran into some money troubles, and people were beginning to see past the lies he weaved so easily as a younger Kad. Angry that money existed at all, he decided that rather than give people money he didn't have and risk being killed by angry loan sharks, he would pack his bags and leave the Empire behind with several of his most trusted assistants and "friends".

Eventually the group got so large with the hope that they could leave the oppression of the Empire they followed with and pooled in some money to do so... even reconfigured a few assistant droids into body guards and left as quickly as they could to some Neutral world. Landing there, they sold the droids and bought a ship to explore space with instead. They traveled long and hard, and almost broke a part because of the length of the trip. But then... they ran into the Kad system (named after Kad upon its discovery). They decided to set up shop there, and have been there ever since expanding and expanding until they built a sizable research facility on one of the inner terrestrial planets lunar orbit system. To make up for their now huge debt, they are open to signing contracts for the research and development (depending on product in question) of experimental technologies across the Galaxy, using natural resources presented to them by the untapped planet below.

The founding of I.R.I.S. had begun, and he was its Chairman, he was the M.Ent.O.R. of the Kad System.