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Approved Tech M-87 "Montu" Heavy Repeater

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That one kid

  • Intent: To create an adaptable heavy anti-infantry weapon
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Chaingun
  • Manufacturer: House Verd, Inc (Used with permission from [member=Darth Metus])
  • Model: M-87 Montu Heavy Repeating Disruptor
  • Affiliation: Open Market
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Durasteel, Disruptor components
  • Classification: Disruptor
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Gas Canister
  • Ammunition Capacity: 200 Rounds
  • Reload Speed: Very Low
  • Effective Range: Average
  • Rate of Fire: High
  • Stopping Power: Very High
  • Recoil: High
  • Coolant system
  • Death Hose: High rate of fire Disruptor bolts. ‘Nuf Said
  • Cover? What Cover?: Disruptor shots tend to destroy cover and even armor. Thus “Suppressive fire” with a Montu is as much destroying cover as keeping them inside it
  • Heavy Hitter: Shots can and will melt armor and people.
  • Spray and Pray: It’s not accurate, not by a long shot. The user has to rely on volume of fire over aimed bursts
  • Coolant: Even with a built in cooling system, sustained fire will cause the barrels to overheat, which could cause jams and even an exploding weapon.
  • Motor: The internal motor that turns the chaingun and barrels is reliable, but under prolonged stress can give out.
  • Slow to Reload: Reloading takes time, and leaves the user vulnerable.
“There is no 'overkill.' There is only 'open fire' and 'I need to reload.”​
-The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries #37​

Built to supply a heavy weapon fit for any battlefield, and to act as a terror weapon for those unfortunate to be on the receiving end, the M-87 Montu is a monstrous weapon fitting of the name of a god of war. Capable of spewing out disruptor shots at an alarming speed, it sacrifices the kind of power of a charged disruptor shot for the rate of fire of a heavy repeater. It can still devastate armor and cover but isn’t going to turn someone to ashes in a single shot. Firepower doesn’t come without a cost, however. The motor and barrels can only sustain so much continuous use before breaking. In a normal battlefield situation, this won’t come into play, as the system will have time to cool between bouts of prolonged fire as the squad moves and waits, but in a situation where a continuous stream of fire is needed for prolonged periods, jams and malfunctions, if not total weapon failure, are possible and even likely as time goes on.

That ignores the fact that simply reloading the gun is not easy or quick. Hope you don’t need to ever do it under fire, as the gas cylinder is cumbersome and can be hard to place.
Not open for further replies.