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Approved Tech M-19 Falcon

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Black Phoenix



Intent: To create a custom sniper rifle for the Mnenchei dominion

Dev. Thread: N/A

Manufacturer: Hekler'Kok Defense Industries

Model: N/A

Affiliation: Mnenchei Dominion

Modularity: Yes

Production: Mass-Produced

Material: Duraplast and Plasteel

Description: The M-19 Falcon is a high caliber sniper rifle for long range engagements. It doesn't use usual blaster technology, instead it uses a recoil-operated, rotating bolt mechanism. The rifle's operator needs to include things like a planet's gravitation, wind speed, etc. into his/her calculations for the bullet trajectory. The high caliber of the rifle allows it to punch small holes through light armored vehicles and bunkers with thin walls. Because of that a well placed shot could kill an enemy, this was extremely difficult though since the sniper had to know where the target was and where it would be in a couple of seconds. The rifle's high recoil renders it useless in close range engagements against infantry.

Classification: Semi-automatic, Bolt-action Sniper Rifle

Size: Two-handed, but has a very high recoil and is best used stationary with a bipod.

Status: Mnenechi Dominion Military only.

Length: 126 cm

Weight: 11 kg

Ammunition: 8x60 mm AP bullets

Ammunition Capacity: 4 shot detachable box magazine.

Effective range: 1.2 km

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
I'd like some further clarification on 'destroying vehicles and bunkers'. Your size also needs to go wayyyy up. Most sniper rifles are around 43 inches long, not centimeters long. Anything with that kind of power and that little size would likely break after it's first shot. I'd also like the range dropped down a bit, to 1.2 KM.

@[member="Black Phoenix"]

Black Phoenix

@[member="Jaxton Ravos"] Edited. Also, the previous length was kind of an epic fail. I thought a meter was way longer than it actually was.
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