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Lysander Sullivan

Lysander Sullivan


Lysander in his casual clothing

Lysander Sullivan

FACTION: Fel Imperium
RANK: Executor of the Army
AGE: 54
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 1.93 m
WEIGHT: 82 kg/180 lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Dark Brown
SKIN: White
- Lysander has a great deal of Combat experience, due to his whole life being spent in service.
- Lysander has found a way to inspire the men under his command to work harder
- None of Lysander's orders have ever been influenced by fear
- He has proven to be one of the most loyal soldiers in the military
- Lysander is a brilliant tactician

- Lysander has spent his whole life on duty and has thus not developed many social skills outside of the military
- Lysander has proven many times that he would rather die than leave his position
- Lysander has driven himself and wounded soldiers to fight until they die, which caused many unnecessary casualties

67 Files found:

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Displaying Promotions:

Access Granted
Codename: Operation: “Delta-Green”
Objective: Destroy pirate base
Assets Deployed: 2 Platoons
Pte. Simros Etruk
Pte. Krigg Komir
Missing in Action:
Killed in Action:
Pte. Rendas Morgs K.I.A.
Pte. Korig Lendax K.I.A.
Cpl. Fryl Kressan K.I.A.
Lt. Svar Huesan K.I.A.
Result: Success
Special Notes:
Pte. Lysander Sullivan has been promoted to Lieutenant for demonstrating exemplary behavior during the mission.

Promotion to Captain*:

Access Denied
-Top Secret-

Promotion to Colonel*:
Access to Details Denied
After 10 Years of service Cpt. Lysander Sullivan has been promoted to Colonel after displaying excellent leadership skills.

Promotion to General*:

Access Denied
-Top Secret-

Promotion to Executor of the Army*:
Access Denied
-Top Secret-

*Some files may be made public at a later date.

SHIP: Pellaeon-Class Star Destroyer