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Lyn-Char Beorht

Lyn-Char Beorht

It's a new dawn
Lyn-Char Beorht

NAME: Lyn-Char Beorht, Lyn to his friends
FACTION: Undetermined
RANK: Dark Jedi Master
SPECIES: Zeltron
AGE: Getting up there
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'2"
EYES: Yellow
HAIR: Salt and pepper


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

  • Lyn is a seasoned Makashi fighter. He prefers a lightsaber with a curved handle, and is competent with the lightstaff and lightwhip.
  • Lyn favors telekinesis, both in combat and when solving problems.
  • Lyn is highly skilled at farsight.
  • Lyn is a terrible hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Lyn is a very 'plain' Force user. If it's not in the core or utility skillset of, say, a vanilla Jedi Knight, he typically doesn't use it.

Lyn is a tall, lean, scarred, middle-aged Zeltron.

It's rare for a Zeltron to choose the Jedi path. One of the few was a Knight named Orihah Beorht, who left the Order a few years before the great wars. When the Dark Side came calling, Orihah was raising his grandchildren on Metellos. A Dark Jedi killed him with relative ease, but the grandchildren -- twelve-year-old Lyn-Char and his ten-year-old sister La-Reia -- killed the Darksider in turn. They went to ground in the Metellos slums and evaded Dark Side interest for several years.

Lyn stuck with his grandfather's Jedi teachings to an extent; it was during this time that he fathered [member="Linna Beorht"]. Reia, however, pursued the Dark Side in earnest. She ran away in her mid teens and fell in with a cadre of Nightsisters in service to a Dark Master named Quinis Asanis. Lyn tracked her down, but Asanis captured him and pressed him into service. Intending to stay close to his sister and keep her safe in Asanis' Twilight Praxeum, Lyn fell the rest of the way to the Dark Side.

Years of Dark Side training weakened his bond with his sister, a talented witch and alchemist who had her own agenda. Ultimately, Lyn betrayed Asanis to the Sith Empire and took asylum with them. He was assigned to the supervision of a Sith commander named Iara Clane, who he later married. Caught up in Sith politics, however, Lyn was subjected to a partial memory wipe that went too far. He fell in with a group of pirates for a time, but when the memory wipe wore off he experienced a crisis of conscience. Now in his thirties, Lyn sought out the Jedi.

He failed to make any real progress as to the state of his soul, and old associations eventually called him back to Asanis' territory. The old Dark Master was dead, and the Republic had scattered and imprisoned his servants. Lyn re-collected them, including a Nightsister-trained man named Ember Rekali, and cut a bloody swathe across the local Sith. But his quest to build something meaningful ran headfirst into a Republic fleet under Cabbal Noir. Lyn lost everything.

Looking for redemption, he worked in disaster relief for a while, then supported a revolution in the Unknown Regions alongside a young Jedi named Ashin Varanin. Ultimately, Lyn found enough stability that the Jedi embraced him and gave him the title of Jedi Knight. This was probably a mistake. Within a handful of years, his pride led him to claim the title of Jedi Master, and his self-destructive tendencies led him into what many assumed to be his final battle. Once again, he lost everything. Once again, it was his own fault.

Lyn decided the time had come to calm down, slow down, set better goals, and grow up. He laid low throughout the reign of the One Sith and the First Order. Once the new Sith Empire had reached its height and the Galactic Alliance began its collapse, he stepped out of his self-imposed exile and set out to do something new.

SHIP: None at present

KILLS: None in many years

BOUNTIES COLLECTED: None in many years


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