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Approved Tech Lylek's Needle

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Like Lightning


  • Intent: To update an older weapon type for the Mandragora and their New Era of Nightsister/magic practices.
  • Image Source: Immortals(Film) - Artemis Bow
  • Canon Link: Energy Bow
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Mandragora/CIS
  • Model: Lylek's Needle - Mandragora Energy Bow
  • Affiliation: Closed Market, Mandragora/CIS
  • Modularity: Limited

  • Production: Limited
  • Material:
  • Alusteel
  • Aluminium
  • Energy Bow components


  • Classification: Energy Bow/Blaster/Laser
  • Size: Standard - Average, Longbow - Large
  • Weight: Standard - Light, Longbow - Average
  • Ammunition Type: Energy "Arrow/Bolt"
  • Ammunition Capacity: 10 Arrows*

  • Reload Speed: 5 Minutes*
  • Effective Range: Average - Battlefield
  • Rate of Fire: Varies from Slow to Very High
  • Stopping Power: Average to Very High
  • Recoil: Low to Extreme

  • Energy bow that fires plasma arrows
  • Varied speed of fire
  • "Rechargeable" Arrows
  • Charged Shot

  • Deceptive: When most people see a bow, it is thought to be primitive and fire physical arrows that are affected by the Archers paradox, as well as gravity, and Telekiesis. However, this bow fires a plasma arrow. Making it much more difficult to be affected by the force compared to conventional arrows, and can also deceive enemies into believing they are being attacked by a mere primitive weapon.
  • 2.0 Bow: Amplifying the base design of the old Energy Bows, this bow has increased power, variable charged shot abilities, and recharges instead of having to be reloaded with a special energy cell like the older bows. Making this much more viable in this day and age, as well as providing those who lack higher technology skills to use a more primitive styled weapon to greater success.
  • Charge Shot*: Unlike the previous bow designs, they were limited to a "standard" plasma arrow that acted very much like a carbine, or a rifle blaster bolt damage wise. However, this bow allows one to draw the string back, and hold it for up to 5 seconds to have a charged bolt. This bolt does much more damage and can damage even heavy armors if hit within its optimal range. The closer the target, the better.
  • Recharge: The bow recharges its ammo capacity of ten rounds. It takes about thirty(30) seconds for one arrow to charge. Thus if one would completely empty the capacity of the bow, it will take about five minutes to completely recharge.


  • Big Bertha: The arrows in the weapon can be charged up to cause more damage. However, there are many down sides with this. Such as ammo consumption, Recoil, possibility of damaging the bow, and more.
    Draining: For every second a person holds back the bow at its max draw length, is another arrow that is consumed into one larger arrow that will be fired. An example would be if one person drew back the bow, and waited a full five seconds, it would use the energy of five arrows. While if someone only drew back for about three seconds, they would use the energy of three arrows. Considering one only has 10 rounds, at max, one could have two fully charged shots before having to wait five minutes to recharge, or thirty seconds for one arrow.
  • Overcharge: While it is possible to hold the string back on the bow for a longer time than five seconds, after a time of seven seconds, the bow will be overcharged. Overcharging, then firing can damage the frame of the bow due to the recoil, damage the user by exploding the arrow while still in the bow, or even explode the bow should the charge be held long enough.
  • Arm Day: For one to use this bow correctly, they would have to draw back the string completely. If not done completely it will not charge the shot. As well, holding a bow with a draw strength of anywhere from 40-120 lbs of force for a duration of five seconds, or more, can be rather difficult to do. This weapon is not for those who do not have the upper body strength, or do not know how to draw a bow correctly.
  • Recoil?: A bow normally have little to no recoil. The only recoil is the bow actually wanting to push forward out of the user's hand due to the forward momentum of the string. However, a charge shot has recoil. The longer you hold it the more massive the recoil will be. While a full charged shot would feel like a double barrel shotgun with both barrels blasting, The recoil is even more powerful when overcharged, or just the literal explosion of the weapon being overcharged.

[*]Its just a Bow: Any standard shots fired from the bow are just that. Same power as your military grade blaster rifle. However, the bow is more fragile compared to a rifle. The string can easily be cut, the weapon could easily be broken by hitting someone with it too hard, Over charging the bow can cause it to explode, Even just general use can damage the limbs of the bow over time and would need to be replaced. While this is more on a case by case basis, Its not recommended to be fighting in close proximity to melee weapons or anything else that can easily destroy weaponry.
[*]Limited Fire: Due to the bow using energy arrows, and it's charged shot, It cannot use any other kind of conventional arrows. So even if someone else using a normal bow could use some extra special arrow type, this bow cannot use those arrows. Only the ones it can recharge, can be fired from this bow.
[*]Limited to Ranged Combat: Unlike using other blaster weaponry as anywhere from point blank to its max distance, the bow is limited to mid-range and long range engagements due to the charge time of the bow, or having to draw back on the string. While it is possible to fire many times faster than you conventional bow due to now having to knock and arrow into place or drawing it from a quiver, it still takes time to aim, and draw the string, then release it.

What is great for a Witch? Ranged weaponry. Why? Sometimes incantations can take a minute for the words to be uttered. Or, maybe the witch wants a weapon that is near silent, and can still pack a punch for quite a bit of range.

Taking a much older version of a Bow used by Nightsisters of old, The design was taken and improved upon for the specific use of the Witches of Mandragora of the CIS Religion. Using much of the same components as the others, however, updated with new technology and additions to increase the punch and power of these bows.
[member="Kalee Bladesworn"]


Kalee Bladesworn said:
Long Range: Unlike using other blaster weaponry as anywhere from point blank to its max distance, the bow is limited to mid-range and long range engagements due to the charge time of the bow, or having to draw back on the string. While it is possible to fire many times faster than you conventional bow due to now having to knock and arrow into place or drawing it from a quiver, it still takes time to aim, and draw the string, then release it.
Seems to conflict with this:

Kalee Bladesworn said:
Effective Range: Battlefield
Like Lightning
[member="Jamie Pyne"], My thought process was that battlefield is a very long distance. Going across the battlefield depends on the situation, but some open areas could be close to a kilometer or more. Seeing as most Real world guns can barely make shots past a couple kilometers long.

Is there a specific wording that you would recommend for me so that the two don't contradict themselves?
Like Lightning
[member="Jamie Pyne"], the idea of the weakness is that point-blank, and close range engagements are a no go. A close range engagement, from various sources can be anything less than 100, 50, or 25 meters depending upon different variables. Even with today's real life standards, anything short of 10 meters is also considered a close range engagement. Reason being thusly,

if you had a gun that was in a holster, and your opponent had a knife and was within 10 meters, by the time you could draw you weapon, aim it, and fire, the same man with the knife would be on top of you like white on rice. Reason being that the distance can easily be closed through simple sprinting. That same application is here as well however to a more drastic effect.

If someone is well within 20-30 meters of you, and you have to draw your bow, (in this case only) draw back the string of the arrow, aim and then release the arrow/bolt, the man would be on top of you and would have closed that distance. Making any use of the bow, impractical due to having to perform the same process to a man who is point blank and can use hand to hand combat, or even take the weapon from you.

That is why it is listed as a weakness. Using a bow, or any gun for that matter, within close quarters, and hand to hand combat situations takes a skill that very few have. Those in the military train for years to combat that exact same scenario with such usage of hand guns coined as "gun-kata" Even then, usage of such a skill is difficult, and in some cases, very dangerous due to having a weapon such as a gun pointed in different directions and sweeping around due to the use of the weapon can cause harm to those around you, and even yourself.

Using a bow in this same scenario in this "gun-kata" or "bow-kata" is not something reasonable. That is why I have listed it as a weakness. If you still feel that this should be removed or reworded, let me know.

EDIT: The weakness mentioned and quoted by you is a weakness to limit its use in short range, and close quarters combat scenarios. Not a weakess of long range.
Like Lightning
[member="Jamie Pyne"], Edited weakness name. Thank you for working with me, and I apologize if there was any confusion on my end.
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