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Luther Fel

Luther Fel


NAME: Luther Fel
FACTION: Fel Imperium
RANK: Crown Prince of the Fel Imperium
AGE: 32
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 5'11
EYES: Gray
HAIR: Black, with a white streak through the center of his goatee
SKIN: Caucasian
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes - Apprentice level training


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Charismatic: A trait seemed to be shared by every Fel, Luther has the charm and wits to swoon those he talks to into doing things they wouldn't normally do for any other person. This way, he can make people do his dirty work with ease.

+/- Impulsive: Luther is prone to taking action before thoroughly thinking his actions through, which can end up with him in some deep trouble, or can save his life if he acts on his gut instinct at a moment's notice.

- Aggression: Luther seems to be naturally hateful, and always treats those he meets with contempt and spite, unless he needs to get into their good graces to convince them to do something for him, or if it's a pretty lady he'd like to waltz into his bed, one or the other.

- No sense of tact: Luther is a terrible strategist, in board games, on the battlefield, and in life in general. Don't put him in charge of anything that requires a good amount of tactical skill, he'll kark it up right.

- Spoiled: Born into a royal dynasty, Luther has known nothing except a life of privilege, and he has never had to actually work for anything in his entire life. He's had everything he's ever wanted handed to him on a silver platter, so don't expect him to actually do things for himself. He has servants for that.

APPEARANCE: Luther is a moderately tall and handsome man who loves to wear extravagant clothing to display his wealth, or for lack of better words his father's wealth. His black hair is kept short, and his facial hair is styled into a goatee with the signature Fel streak of white running down the middle. His eyes are the same color as his father's, a stone hard gray that lacks compassion for anyone except himself.

BIOGRAPHY: Luther Fel was born to his father, Ronin Fel, and his late mother, Malisa Jova over thirty years ago. Luther knew little of his father, as Ronin was too engrossed in his military career to actually spend time with his family, and that only further empowered a deep resentment of his father that would last for years to come. Luther was tutored in his family's expansive history, and marveled at what powerful figures his ancestors had been, one day hoping to become as powerful and influential as they were during their prime. However; his dreams became temporarily shattered with the death of his mother, whom he loved deeply as she was the only parent to actually take care of Luther. It is this time where Luther's relationship with his father continued to take a nosedive, as he had zero respect for his father, and even less love for him.

However; Luther knew that perhaps his father could become useful when after being denied by the Jedi Order, Ronin set out to recreate the Empire his ancestors had ruled for many years before the Gulag Virus. Thus Luther followed his father to create the Fel Empire, and became the Crown Prince of the Fel Imperium while his father became the Imperator. Luther one day plots and schemes to take his father's place on the throne, and bring the Fel Dynasty back to glory.