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Luna Vega

Resident Space Pirate
NAME: Luna Vega​
FACTION/AFFILIATION: The Confederation of Independent Systems​
SPECIES: Firrerreo/Human​
AGE: 24​
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 1.7526m (5'9)
WEIGHT: 61kg (135 lbs.)
EYES: Gray-Green
HAIR: Two tone brown/black/various (Sometimes has multiple color strands; purple, blue, pink, white, etc)
SKIN: Olive (Various tattoos, piercings, and brands on person)
FORCE SENSITIVE: Has the ability, untrained.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Luna is a survivor; though, it is unsure how she manages to escape sometimes disastrous situations. She is thought to be witty and charismatic and many are fond (if not annoyed) by the lilt and disarray of her speech (or use of vocabulary). As charming as the young woman comes off, she is overly emotional with a borderline death wish. She has the uncanny ability to get herself into trouble. This could be due to the fact that she is an endearing alcoholic that meddles in tech of all sorts.​

Rarely, if ever will you find Vega sporting anything feminine. Her attire normally consists of cargo trousers in neutral colors, black or brown leather, t-shirts, tanks, and jackets. She never leaves port without her trench. The only thing "girly" about her, is her obsession with boots; heeled, flat, ankle-length, thigh high etc. Bangles of multiple types of metal are fashioned around both thin wrists, giving only glimpses of a few of the many tattoos littering her body. Luna's nose, lip, and ears are pierced as far as what can be seen. Black mascara and eyeliner accentuate her bold most-of-the-time almond shaped gray-green eyes. A leather utility belt hangs from generous hips and is stocked with a cutlass, a modified DL-44 blaster pistol, shivs, daggers, a grenade or two, and a flask of Corellian whiskey. Her layered messy multi-colored frock dons many tiny braids and more often than not is down, wildly framing a thin-boned face and ventures slightly past her shoulders. Luna's frame is very much the shape of a wine bottle, thin through the top, then fills out as you go along.​
As does many of half her race, her past is sketchy at best. From the age of since-she-can-remember, Luna was bounced from ship to ship and probably only made port a couple dozen times in her short lifespan. Her father, Dev, raised her until the ripe age of seven and she never met her mother. One day he was there and the next, he was gone. Suffice to say she has been alone for quite some time now. A orphan to as many ships as the types of liquor she drank. The girl stuck to what she knew: boozing, pilfering, space, tech and sex. It was a lifestyle and she was it, all of it wrapped into one. What was considered crazy to most was natural to her. It was how she survived and how she continued on that path- destructive as it may be. Luna knew nothing of her past or where she was born, if there were more family, what she was. In fact, the only thing she did know was who she was. She'd figure the rest out later.​
For now though, the pirate-born lass resided on Nar Shaddaa, a skip and a jump from the space port; she never idled for long if she could help it. The place offered all the comforts of home, only with more residents and a never ending supply of booze. Luna had been here six times in a year and had just lost her third ship. All of them to previous boy friends. For lack of a better term, she was stuck until she could commandeer another ship or save and buy.​

SHIP: Unknown



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