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Lucianus Adair


Yun-Harla in Translation

Social Information

Name: Lucianus Lucifer Adair
Alias(es): Luc, Lord Adair
  • High Lord of House Mecetti [Ancient]
  • Lord of the Fringe [Former]
  • Lord Emeritus of House Mecetti
  • Viceroy of Obulette
Birthplace: Corstris
Homeworld: Obulette
Prior Residences: Halcyon Citadel, Onderon; Annaj; Munto Codru
Current Residence: Obulette
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Masculine
Marital Status: Available
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Rank: Master
Force Alignment: Neutral to Dark

Physical Information

Species: K'paur/Human
Age: Appears 30-40 y.o.
Sex: Male
Height: 190.5 cm
Weight: 90.72 kg
Eyes: Pale Blue
Hair: Black
Skin Pigmentation: Caucasian
Playby: Richard Armitage


Confederacy of Independent Systems
House Mecetti


Xander Blackmoore [a.k.a Darth Vizios]

Blaire Adair [née Sal-Soren; Late Wife]
Kassandra Distorith [a.k.a Darth Saevitia | One-Time Lover]
Desdemona Shamalain [a.k.a. Quietus | Mate]

Ferian Adair [a.k.a. Stalis'ur'talin | Father]
Emiery Athelon [a.k.a Armistra Bane | Mother; dec.]
Dangereuse Von Balis [Half-Sister; dec.]
Blaire Adair [née Sal-Soren | Wife; dec.]
Sariyah Adair [a.k.a. Senna Trozky, Blaise Sal-Soren | Daughter]
Hrethir Adair [a.k.a. Balor Sal-Soren | Son]
Hrethik Adair [Son]
Hadrian Distorith [Son]
Eordahn Shamalain [a.k.a. Greyhide | Son]
Dahldesa Shamalain [a.k.a. Blackthorne | Daughter]
Kerstan Blackmoore [Nephew]
Sigrid Adair [Descendant]


Strengths to be condensed, and descriptions to be added...


Descriptions to be added...


Descriptions to be added...


At six-foot-three and two hundred pounds of broad-shouldered muscle, Lucianus Adair is an imposing sight, often giving pause if not striking fear into one within his view if they have had the ill fortune of making themselves his prey.

History from old bio to be updated with some retconning...

Lucianus Adair is the son of Ferian Adair and Armistra Bane, being raised solely by Ferian for the first eighteen years of his life, and given little to no information about his mother, save for her supposed name, and that she had apparently died giving birth. It was some three months after his eighteenth birthday that a Sith, who did not give a name, came hunting for Ferian, killing him. It was explained to Lucianus by this Sith that Ferian Adair had been a master of the Sith, who had abandoned the order, setting aside all that he was because of the woman who bore his son. This betrayal was the reason for Ferian’s death.

This made the young Adair angry, not understanding how his father could have hid all this from him. Had his life been full of lies? The Sith implored him to go out in the galaxy, to find himself, knowing full well that the boy’s seeking would lead him to the empire of the Sith… and years later, it did. The travels between that fateful day and his arrival upon the doorstep of the Sith Empire had changed him. Through trial and blood, torture and vengeance, he had found himself for what he truly was… yet did not lose himself completely, for there was one thing for certain, one thing that centered him and gave him focus - his intellect, thanks to the teachings of his father.

Still, there was more fire to come, the training and trials that molded him and changed him still into a Knight of the Sith, accepting all that he was and making it more than he could have been on his own. Yet still, more change, more twisting of his life came when in battle, there was a flash, and he fell… bringing himself to his feet in a universe with which there was no mutual recognition.

Over eight hundred years had passed in the blink of an eye, and Lucianus was alone. The best he could understand was that this was the doing of the Force, and he saw no point in trying to find a way in going back. A different time and an ultimately different universe was a different playground, and it was irresistible.
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