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Private Love Thy Neighbor [Asaraa Vaashe]

Jedi Padawan: Kyra Perl
Asaraa Vaashe Asaraa Vaashe
Confederate Space
"The Vagabond" Heavy Patrol Cruiser

For quite some time now Caedyn had been silently battling with the distance that had come between he and his partner Asaraa Vaashe Asaraa Vaashe due to their duties to differing bodies of government. At the start of their relationship coming together, they'd both served within the same sector of space, she as a Silver Jedi and he living upon Commenor at the time. It was Asaraa who'd eventually convinced him to join the Silver Jedi Order, and now perhaps in another direction as well.

Previously with the Silver Jedi Order, there hadn't been a political body in place to take the weight of leadership away from the Order itself and so the prospect of a lighter workload didn't seem likely, yet today the Jedi Knight found himself aboard the "The Vagabond" en-route to rendezvous with Asaraa in order to see where his options lay.

Of course, the bulk of his time would remain with the Silver Jedi Concord, given his responsibilities to the Order and most importantly to his Padawan Kyra Perl, yet for some time he had also been curious on what sort of work Asaraa herself was involved in as one of the few fully fledged Jedi present within the Confederacy of Independent Systems, let alone a senior officer among their ranks.

Caedyn had often wondered what that would look like for one whom followed the Jedi Path, residing under the leadership of a Government so allegedly influenced by those practiced in the Dark Side and rumored to be former Sith themselves. It was rather fortunate that he had come to experience the friendliness shared towards himself and other Silver Jedi over the past, as well as Asaraa's own stories to be able to see beyond the louder opinions around him.

Naturally, part of being a Jedi Knight meant having an open mind and being above basing one's views on the bias of others, and so this was the reason for his being aboard the Vagabond and drifting within the neighboring territory, awaiting Asaraa's response and coordinates in order to gauge what use he might find for another Jedi, as well as what excuses he might be able to justify in order to spend more time with her within the same system for longer than a few days every season.