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Lovable scoundrel looking for new home

Hi everyone! New guy here looking for some training, some war and maybe even some fun in the middle. Valin is the middle child of a trio of extremely force sensitive siblings. Fed up with the destruction and chaos the galaxy is going through, he joins the Galactic Alliance to make it better for himself and other people.

I cannot wait to see where this leads me, and I cannot wait role-playing with all of you!


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[member="Valin Thorn"],

Hey, welcome to the Alliance! Do you have an idea where do you specifically want to put him? Army, pilots, secret agent stuff with SIS, or those Force-sensitive nerds playing Yu-Gi-Oh for holocrons?
Valin is super sensitive to the Force and its abilities, so he will be staying away from those weird nerds and their laser swords for the time being. Pilot sounds fantastic at the moment.

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