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Lost Holocron

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Darth Vazela

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Intent: An holocron that possesses the knowledge on Qâzoi Kyantuska (Suppress Thought)

Development Thread: Construction of the Bantha

Manufacturer: Sith Empire

Model: Sith Holocron

Affiliation: Sith Empire

Modularity: No.

Production: Unique

Material: The Dark side of the Force

Description: The "Lost Holocron" was discovered by Vilox Pazela in 796 ABY, during his four decade self imposed exile from the Sith Empire. He had been exploring the ancient Sith home world, Korriban, for several weeks in search for long lost knowledge as he built his powers up. Here, whilst exploring the Sith Academy he discovered this holocron and discovered the long lost knowledge of the Qâzoi Kyantuska.

Unknowingly to him, the holocron was created by Sorzus Syn, a famous Dark Jedi that was part responsible for finding the Sith race and subsequently delving into Sith knowledge, as well as the dark side of the force. Installing this piece of knowledge following her discovery of the Suppress Thought, the holocron was installed in a slab of stone deep inside the Sith Academy until, after thousands of years, it was discovered by Vilox Pazela, who then passed it onto his apprentice, Circe Savan.

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
This submission is denied, due to an unsatisfactory dev thread, the ability attempting to be taught, and the general illogical nature of acquiring. This holocron was just sitting in the Sith Academy behind "A stone slab" for what, nearly five thousand years, while said academy was destroyed and rebuilt twice and heavily looted when it wasn't occupied? And Vilox managed to suceed where all of these other failed when he was wandering alone in the course of "several weeks"? The factory is not intended to be a substitute for hard work and RPing in obtaining abilities. You are of course free to second chance this by posting once in the second chance thread and stating your case afterwhich the staff will review your claim.
Not open for further replies.