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Lorna Halcyon

Lorna Halcyon

"You know us Corellian Jedi—notoriously contrary and bent on going our own way."


NAME: Lorna Halcyon
FACTION: Silver Jedi Order
RANK: Knight
SPECIES: Human (Corellian)
AGE: 16

SEX: Female
EYES: Black
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Olive

  • Tutaminis
  • Cryokinesis
  • Consume Essence
  • Illusion
  • Alter Mind

Skilled with Tutaminis
Can't use telekinetics
Stunted force powers
Dangerously Stubborn
Able to absorb large amounts of energy and fuel stunted powers


Hailing from the planet Corellia, Lorna was discovered as a Force-adept by the planet's Watchman. Sensing her abilities, the Jedi quickly sent her at age three to be trained under the tutelage of the Order on Coruscant. There she met in transit Elphaba and they quickly became friends. Lorna notably excelled in her Force training. She had a connection that her peers in the Turtle Clan did not. During her further training as a Youngling, Lorna honed her lightsaber skills to par and continued to delve further into the Force. Chosen as Padawan to Twi-lek Jedi Historian The Nameless One, Lorna was taken from the solitude of the Jedi Temple and accompanied the master jedi on a number of diplomatic missions to various worlds. Through these journeys the young Jedi developed and matured. She learned much from Master Quenladose during her time as her Padawan.

At the age of eighteen Lorna found herself in a position she had never been before- on the front lines of a battle. While on a diplomatic mission to quell an uprising on Selima Oasis, master and apprentice failed to negotiate a peaceful resolution. The conference room erupted in blaster fire from both sides. For the first time in her life, she was forced to use "aggressive negotiations". Jedi Master Aeden and she made quick work of the enemy shooters but more security guards would follow. The two unquestioningly escorted the diplomats out of the conference hall and made way for the hangar. Together they managed to evade security forces while the diplomats boarded their starships but just as the Jedi entered the hangar bay, more forces arrived. Aeden commanded his Padawan onto the ship while he held off the attackers and she obeyed with reluctance. Lorna watched her teacher, overwhelmed, get shot down as the ship hastily departed from the planet.

he knew that it was not the time to mourn for her downed master yet; turrets locked onto the fleeing ship and opened fire in a desperate attempt to retain them. Lorna sat quietly in a spare room on the ship, alone and quiet as the ship's shields barely held out and they made it to a Republic fleet. Upon returning to the Jedi Temple and attending the funeral for Master Aeden

SHIP: Saotome Nualia

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