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Lore: The Withered Smoke


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
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One of the most dangerous terrors the Metal Lords came to face in Deep Space is known as the Withered Smoke. These beings could be best described as shapeshifting smoke demons, beings constantly changing their shapes, even between states of matter as they could be solid, liquid, or gas at will. It has been speculated that the Smoke are some sort of Sith spawn who feed off of misery and fear as they seem to take pleasure in playing with their victims, causing them great amounts of fear and distress before closing in for a kill. As such, they are rather dormant in the presence of droids as they cannot feed off of their emotions, if one does manage to get their way aboard a Void Kingdom they can lay dormant for years until an organic or a cyborg steps aboard or the ships get close enough to other vessels and planets, allowing them to spread further.

Thankfully these creatures seem to be especially vulnerable to fire and light, making it a rather easy job of exterminating them once one is detected and tracked down by the Lords, if the organic or cyborg they target manages to escape long enough to alert the machines.

The Smoke is the reason why the Lords are cautious when encountering derelict ships and abandoned stations as these creatures are usually the cause behind their current state, hiding aboard these ruined vessels to move across the Galaxy, waiting for it to get into orbit of some unfortunate planet or for a too daring spacer to come aboard in their investigation.

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