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Lore: Station Mechanus/The Hidden Citadel


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The Hidden Citadel, otherwise known as Station Mechanus or New Mechanus, is the first Kingdom In The Void created in the recent age when the Sparklords decided to leave the confines of their barren world and ripped their cities from deep below the crust, launching them upward into the orbit where this station was next formed. Mechanus, a massive gear-shaped structure, is still ruled by the Council of Sparklords, it is on this station they make their seat of power and watch over the intrigues of other Lords, making certain that the Code is not broken and that their kind will survive. Part shadow-port, part factory, part mobile shipyard, the Mechanus often sports a sizeable of organics, pirates and spacers, who stop by its confines along their way, however locating it requires more luck than skill as the station often moves around, rarely staying in the same system, or even the same sector for that matter.

However, locating it is much easier for the Lords as every droid captain instinctively knows its location at all times, an ability granted partially to them by the specialized long-range communicators on the station which then bounce the signal of its location from one Metal Lord to another. As such, the station is a special place for the Lords, a safe haven and a meeting point where two Lords could always come to and discuss their plans or differences, knowing that they will both be able to find it.

The major districts of Mechanus include the Heart at its very center where the Sparklords' hall can be found along with the Moot Chamber, the Forge, once the largest manufacturing facility on Old Mechanus, now center for the numerous drones serving the Lords and their weaponry, the Library, a large databank containing information preserved from Old Mechanus as well as journals from the numerous Metal Lords, the Shipyard, which as the name suggests contains many ship-crafting facilities and docks, and the Commons, a place fitted specifically to house organic populations, including such luxuries as a life support.

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