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Lore: Sparklords


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
The closest thing the Metal Lords have to a central government is the Council of Sparklords, a group of 5 droids who once ruled Mechanus, a barren and forgotten planet with network of cities and foundries deep below its crust that served as a safe haven for all droids who wished to live peaceful lives without organics bothering them. When Mechanus was abandoned, its crust split open and the great droid cities jettisoned into the orbit, forming Station Mechanus, otherwise known as the Hidden Citadel, and becoming the first Kingdom Within The Void of the current age, the Sparklords kept their position of power and the duty of making certain that droids everywhere will always have a safe haven to retreat to.

They reside on the Hidden Citadel still, from where they track the affairs of other Metal Lords and keep an eye on Galactic politics, on guard for whenever the Code of the Lords is broken, a Droid Kingdom attracts too much negative attention and endangers the rest of their kind, or a threat arises that could prove an end to Metal Lords throughout the Galaxy. While they stay out of other Lords' day to day business they are responsible for calling upon great events such as moots and discussions to which all Metal Lords are expected to come, unifying other Lords to temporarily work together towards one single goal such as war or stopping a threat, or placing a bounty against a droid who has been declared as rogue and a danger to Void Kingdoms everywhere.

Four of the Sparklords are ancient droids with great amounts of wisdom and knowledge, rumored to have been the very units who first came to Mechanus in ages past and created the droid safe haven. However, the First Sparklord has disappeared a long time ago and since then on Mechanus a random droid from among their society have been chosen every standard galactic year to take his place, giving every droid an equal chance to seat on the Council of Sparklords and have voice in their kind's grand affairs, this is a tradition that still continues now that Mechanus has taken to void and droids have begun to travel the hyperlanes aboard their kingdom fleets.

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