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Lore: Old Mechanus/The Haven


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
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Mechanus, also known as the Iron Haven, was seemingly just another barren and ruined planet within the Unknown Regions. Its surface covered in jagged black rocks like fangs and occasional smoldered ruins of long forgotten fortresses. However, under its black ash covered surface opened to the cold void of space there was a carefully guarded secret, for beneath its crust there was the world known as Mechanus, a network of underground facilities that spread through the planet like a web of catacombs. It was a safe place for any droid who wished to escape its master, a hidden sanctuary no organic could reach.

Over time the droids who made their home there developed their own distinct society and became known as the Mecha, ruled by the Council of Sparklords, their traditions now live on through the Metal Lords who still occasionally practice them and follow their code.

However, the machines could not stay in the belly of the planet forever, spurred on by a peculiar group of droids, along with a convenient catastrophe, the Sparklords were convinced to adapt their mission of keeping their droid brethren safely hidden within the planet and abandoned the barren world, taking up into the sky instead to hide away in the Deep Space. Mechanus was ripped open then, its crust torn asunder as the droids activated their machines, opening up doorways through which their buried cities were thrown upwards, on great engines and boosters they climbed up into the orbit and from these once buried tomb-cities the first Kingdom Within The Void was created, the Hidden Citadel, Station Mechanus.

The planet they left behind, Old Mechanus, still bares the scars of that fateful day, large tears and deep canyons cover its surface, a ring of debris and dust formed around it, and a new way has been opened to those once forgotten ruins, caverns, and tombs of machines. An adventurous spacer, or one of the Metal Lords in search for artifacts of his people, occasionally descends down to the planet and ventures into one of these gashes, entering a tomb or a cavern. The planet still offers riches, for the droids could not bring with them everything when they left the planet, and dangers as well for Mechanus has been once more reclaimed by some of its original inhabitants, and not all droids were able to leave with the Sparklords, there are stories of some machines still wandering the abandoned halls, old tortured watchmen and guardians followed by cohorts of their drone underlings, driven mad by being left alone, leaving tortured violent lives of trying to fulfill their duties in their lonesome post.

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