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Lore: Old Gods


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Few entities the droids of Mechanus met in their long existence were as troublesome and as grotesque as rumors of the Old Gods. The Old Gods made the grand debut into the general view of the Galaxy during the campaigns Omega Protectorate has waged against the Bando Gora. The cult worshiped these beings, also under the name Chaos Gods, conducting ritual sacrifices and channeling dark sided sorcery in hopes of appearing their evil deities for even greater power, and to summon them to their world.

However, their history with Mechanus may have been even longer than that, as one particular god, also known as the Machine God, at one point used a Mechanus forged droid as his avatar. It is unknown for how long he possessed the machine or how he managed to get the droid off of the hidden planet without Sparklords taking notice, but some Lords whisper rumors that the Machine God spoke to some of the droids and turned them to his service, using the forges within Mechanus' crust to manufacture the numerous weapons and vehicles that started Bando Gora's rampage through the Galaxy.

Either way, there isn't really an agreement about what these beings really are, some say they are actual gods, others that they are demons of chaos trying to wreck as much havoc upon our reality as they can, others say that they are something stronger and eldritch still, primordial incarnations of the Dark Side itself. Whatever they are, they seem to be only able to act upon our world by seducing and manipulating others, and their descriptions seem to be born more out of old spacer rumors rather than actual encounters.

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