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Lore: Moot Chamber


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
At the center of Mechanus Station, the Heart District, stands a large dome-shaped meeting chamber known as the Moot Chamber. It is attached to the chambers of the Spark Lord council and serves as the usual meeting point between Metal Lords who wish to officially discuss and debate between each other. Part senate part war council, countless conflicts have been brought to a logical resolution in these halls, from two Metal Lords who do consider the other's methods illogical, or whole gatherings of Void Kingdoms throughout the Galaxy summoned by the Sparklords before some grand campaign or war against common threat.

There is enough space within this grand hall to accommodate all Metal Lords who follow the Code and their most trusted companions, with an array of projectors in the middle, every droid connects himself to the main communication relay, able to speak to every other droid connected to the same line instantly, the holoprojectors would display the current droid, or droids, speaking, in order to distinguish one unit from another.

While debates between individual Lords can be concluded in mere minutes, especially if they're using instant communication, squabbling of large groups of droids have been known to go on for days or longer.

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