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Lore: Machine God


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Out of all the Old Gods there is but one that raises the most interest among droids, he is known simply as the Machine God. Usually this being tends to take appearance of a large and powerful mechanical dragon whose metal body teems with pure raw magical energy. From the encounters with him he seems to be able to speak directly into a droid's mind, even possessing their body through some unknown mean, however other than that it does not seem to be able to interact with the world.

Often considered to be the most powerful of the Old Gods, as he can enter any suitable machine body, he is thought to gift his followers with powerful magical energies and great abilities in crafting new wondrous technology. Some say that cults dedicated to the Machine God exist among the Metal Lords, calling upon him for the aforementioned gifts, however he is recognized as a malignant force and an evil power, usually any references to him are done in sarcasm, and if cults of his followers do exist among the droids, they make certain that their existence remains a secret.

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