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Lore: Lord's Trial


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
The Lord's Trial is a process in which a droid gains command of his first ship, build his first workshop, and gains his first crew members. This process can be as easy and short as buying all of those or being gifted them from a sponsor, however some droids have been known to wander the Galaxy for days, weeks, or even months aboard other Kingdoms before they came across an opportunity to fulfill their trial. How difficult one's trial is depends on what their goal for first vessel is, if they have gained sponsorship or aid from a Lord with access to plenty resources, and how they wish to gain it. The way a droid approaches his trial often reflects on what they strive for towards as a Lord, since majority of droids simply buy their first vessels most of them become wandering merchants and shipwrights, however a droid that raided and captured his first ship would often become a bounty hunter or a mercenary.

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