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Lore: Ghablaresh Fungi


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
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One of the unfortunate annoyances every Metal Lord has to deal with at one point or another is an infestation of Ghablaresh Fungi. This type of fungus, native to Mechanus, has an exceptional high growth and reproduction rates, producing spores almost constantly, that is the sole reason for how they manage to survive so long, thriving within the caves of Old Mechanus at first and then spreading into the Hidden Citadel and other Kingdoms when their spores managed to attach to some of the droids as they left their old planet.

Ghablaresh grow in intelligence and muscle the older they get, starting off as primitive goblin creatures first before becoming larger and more advanced beings, elder Ghablaresh have been even known to manufacture and use blaster technology. Although they are often aggressive and ruthless, in theory one could reason with a Ghablaresh if they're old enough, however few Metal Lords would allow them to live so long once a Ghablaresh infestation is discovered.

The Fungus thrives within bowels of many Lord stations and ships, spreading through their sanitation, refuse, and exhaust ducts. While usually staying out of the droids' way, too much Ghablaresh could start causing damage, chewing on the cables, blocking ducts and passageways, even starting to come out to the main deck in raids if their large numbers make them brave enough. As such, the Lords would try to purge these beings as soon as they are detected, however such attempts are almost never successful as a spore is usually bound to find its way someplace safe and over time spread into another colony.

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