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Lore: Drones


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
One of the shortcomings of the Code, and just being a free droid in general, are the ethical concerns when it comes to mass manufacturing war droids. After all, what was the purpose of escaping one's master if in the end you were to become just like them by forging a whole army whose purpose was nothing more but to fight for you. While some droids resolve this issue by coping themselves over and over and serving as their own army, others have taken to using drones.

While not exactly a recent invention, the idea has been revitalized by the grand drone armies of Abregado manufactured by ARGH and brought over to Mechanus shortly before the rise of the First Kingdom Within The Void, aboard which they served. Drones are mechanical bodies, in many shapes although usually humanoid, who are, as opposed to a droid, controlled only by a minimal low intelligence programming, making them the droid equivalent of an animal and semi-sentient.

Drones can usually follow only simple commands and are employed to conduct the most menial tasks for the droids, such and cleaning their city-ships, being placed on guard duties, serving as cannon fodder, or just being general henchmen. Usually cheaply manufactured and employed in large numbers to counteract their low intelligence the drones are highly expendable.

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