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Lore: City-Ships


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Usually the flagship of a Void Kingdom and the largest vessel among its fleet is a City-Ship. They are usually lightly armed civilian vessel who serve as the mobile manufacturing and population center of a Lord's forces. It would be on City-Ship where most of his crew would live, taking advantage of on-board droid spas attended by the drones in between their shifts and service on stations of more battle oriented ships. The city ships also often have some sort of foundry or smeltery built within their bowls to manage production of drones, mass droid repairs, or manufacturing equipment and trade goods which could be turned in for profit or used to supply other Lords in time of need. Some city-ship even have small shipyard components attached to them, creating smaller ships to boost the Lord's naval power.

A more military oriented variant of a city-ship is called a Castle-Ship, they tend to have thicker hull, more weaponry, but in turn lack the same industrial capabilities a City-Ship has.

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