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Lords of the Fringe

Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
Are you a force user? A believer in the sith? A ground pounder with a want for destruction? A naval genius who'd give Thrawn a good round? A mad scientist in need of creating the next best thing? Maybe a political monster and puppet master?
Whatever you are... however you choose to do what it is you do the Fringe is for you.

Some factions are all good... some are all evil... in the Fringe you are simply whatever it is you want to be at any moment. We don't stand for some moral high ground or all consuming power.. we stand for each other.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
I'm Elijah Rowlin, and if no one else likes you, I'll take you under my wing.

Speaking from personal experience, I've been through OP, VF, CIS, and it was all nothing compared to LoTF. This is awesome!!!