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Approved Tech Lord Protector's Armor

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Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat

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Intent: To create for Ayden a personal coffin set of armor for his upcoming duel with Ashin
Primarily the armor is designed to afford me some additional durability for the assured brutality that's going to fill the thread. I honestly don't expect the armor to survive.
Development Thread: N/A. Supporting post here
Manufacturer: Corellian Arms (Subsidy of CEC)
Model: Battle Armor Mk. III/P
Affiliation: Ayden Cater
Modularity: Minor
Production: Unique
Material: Pressed Durasteel, Plasteel, Armorweave
Description: Design for the Mk. III/P began after the harsh warzone environment on Valen showcased the shortcomings of the Mk. II/S, specifically in regards to the Lord Protector's protection. While it was more than adequate for its intended role of protecting against small-arms fire, Ayden needed something a bit more durable. Starting off, the pressurized bodyglove consists of an internal gel layer designed to minimize concussive and blunt force trauma, as well as help regulate body temperature.

The main components of the Mk. III/P consist of compressed durasteel plates to afford the same small-arms protection as the Mk II/S without sacrificing as much on mobility. An armorweave was woven into the durasteel plates as well, to afford them increased protection against heavier fire and lightsaber strikes. Of note is the helmet, designed with no apparent exterior cameras. In truth, the helmet has dozens of tiny cameras, designed to feed into the suit's software, allowing for the user to view the battlefield in 360 degrees without having to expose their head openly for attack.

The end result is a suit that will stand up to tremendous punishment, without being too ridiculously expensive. While Ayden affords himself some leeway in the production of a personal suit of body armor, he'd rather not blow enough credits to purchase a small group of warships.

Classification: Body Armor
Weight: 16 kg
Quality: 8
Other Feature(s):

  • Combat Helmet
  • Comlink
  • Filter Air (1 hour supply)
  • IFF Tag
  • Utility Belt


Null Prime
I don't see anything at issue here except I'm not comfortable with how light the armor is and it's super-high quality rating, especially because the armor doesn't utilize any of the "special" materials. I've always felt (and seen) that quality 9-10 armors are the realms of the hulking tank-suits, or at least purpose-built assault suits.

That said, this is a unique piece of armor, so the quality level can/would be higher than something that's mass-produced (or even minor-produced).

So, here are my thoughts:

1) Increase weight to ~20kg.

2) Decrease quality to <9.

3) My favorite, add something into the description to clearly indicate that this is a personal armor suit created by commission, and not something made by the automated foundries of ACME Armor Corporation. Yes, the production is listed as unique, but I'd also like to see it explicitly stated in the description, if only to help uninformed readers understand how/where the various Mks of the armor are created.

Please tag me in your reply. Feel free to offer thoughts supporting or countering my points above. :)
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