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Approved Tech Lord Mettallum

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Lord Mettallum

A really buffed Metal Lord

Intent: To create a body for the great Lord Mettallum
Image Source: Spear-head, Bongo?
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A

Manufacturer: Unknown presumed tk be made by people who worshiped droids
Model: Lord Mettallum
Production: Unique
Affiliation: Lord Mettallum
Modularity: N/A
Material: Durasteel, droid components, Magnets, Repulsor components, Taser parts, Jump pack parts, advance droid ai components

Classification: 4th degree. It is debatable if he fits with any classification
Weight: one tonne
Height: 3.2 Meters
Movement: Bipedal
Armaments: Duplex Hastam ,E-13 Heavy Blaster pistol, High powered taser
Misc. Equipment: High powered magnets, Repulsor, Jump pack

E-13 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Duplex Hastam
Jump pack
Powerful arms
Hidden compartments
Self learning ai

Lord Mettallum uses a E-13 Heavy Blaster Pistol to be able to attack hostiles at close to mid range with decent accuracy
Lord Mettallum weilds the Duplex Hastam in one hand with little to no problem allowing him to be very dangerous in melee and allowing him to fend off even jedi
Lord Mettallum has high powered magnets in his hand allowing him to pull metallic objects towards him
Lord Mettallum also has a repulsor in the middle of his left hand allowing him to push hostiles away without even touching them
Lord Mettallum also has a taser like device on his left arm allowing him to shoot electricity at enemies in close range
Lord Mettallum has a jump pack on his back allowing him to leap or charge forward to places that normally would not be possible to get to
Lord Mettallum has hidden compartments allowing him hide both his weapons
Lord Mettallum is built for overpowering his enemies allowing him to pack a punch while also allowing him to grab heavy loads
Lord Mettallum's droid ai allows him to learn new things himself while also storing alot of data.

Lord Mettallum was made at a unknown time presumably by people who worshiped droids. He has made with a self learning ai. It should be noted that Lord Mettallum's left arm has devices that make people who are unfamiliar with the force believe he is force sensitive how ever this is not true. Due to the weight of Lord Mettallum he was created with a jump pack to allow for jumping and faster movement. The droid has also seemed to be extremely skilled at using the Duplex Hastam with one arm.

Ability to pull metal or people with metallic objects on them to Lord Mettallum
Repulsors push hostiles away from him or can cause heavy trauma to the enemy if enemy can not be pushed foward
Tasers able to electrocute hostiles
Pistol enables ranged combat
Duplex Hastam enables close combat and ability to fight jedi and sith
Jump pack can be used to charge of jump
Lord Mettallum would be the one ripping the arms off wookies
Shear size scares attackers and inspires allies
Heavy armour makes most civilian arms useless against him
Ability to conceal weapons
Ion weapons are his bane
Can not use pistol when using the devices on left hand
Can only use one device on left hand at any given time
Uses tasers and duplex hastam risks having the electricity of the tasers touching the duplex hastam
Size makes it hard to move in urban areas
If jumppack is disabled he can't jump
Very heavy making it hard for him to get up if tripped
Not very fast
You won't miss him
You will hear him before you see him

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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