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LFG Looking For Teacher

Sevatar Vizsla

I'd like to thank everyone that has expressed an interest but I think I've found someone willing to be my master and as far as I know a Padawan can have only master although I could be horribly wrong.

Adeline Noctua Adeline Noctua - I may come to you in the future depending how broken Sevatar becomes later on.

Amanda braska Amanda braska - While I seem to have found a master I wouldn't turn down the chance to learn more about the force

Leenic Ellsil Leenic Ellsil | Laphisto Laphisto - I do appreciate your offers but I'm hoping to become a for want of a better word a traditional Jedi

Kitter Bitters Kitter Bitters - Thank you for you help especially in your own LFG. Possible Padawan shenanigans?

Tayl Vizsla Tayl Vizsla - You just scare me