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LFG Looking for Some Good Scoops!

It's all about that Freedom of Speech
Soooo last night I've created a reporter OC that I want to develop via RP. She's a compassionate person yet does have a mouth full of snark which does in get her into trouble. She also likes to conduct interviews or just investigate corrupt parties even they are on her "side". Or I can do get to know you threads! So is anyone interested?
Symbol of Nihlism
Deena Mott Deena Mott Part? Im AM the shadowy leader. Ravenous is a bit reclusive however, he doesn't just show up on the doorstep of every person who opposes him. I imagine she'll have to do something sufficiently troublesome for Ravenous to take personal action.

His underlings are pretty active though, extortion, kidnapping, assassination, pretty much all the stuff you'd expect from a shadowy organization
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Here's your scoops. Deena Mott Deena Mott