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Looking for a major faction

I'm currently shopping around for a Major faction for my character. I want him to be a sort of counter-insurgent for a more villainously-inclined faction. If anyone has any information or suggestions, I would appreciate it a ton!

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First of all, welcome to the site. I look forward to hopefully writing with you.

Secondly, I'm here to pitch for the First Order. If soldiering, spying and murdering in the name of imperialism are your vices, the First Order is the fit for you. Armed with multiple branches of the military to fit into, we'd be glad to have you aboard.

The Stormtrooper Corps, Planetary Defence Force, and Auxilary are all fine institutions constantly needing fresh bodies to throw at the enemy till they surrender march to victory, for the glory of Supreme Leader.

There alternatively is the First Order Security Bureau (FOSB for short), which is in the midst of a revamp. If you've got a hankering for espionage, stealth and cigars, this is for you.

Finally, there's the navy. I would personally be more than happy to help guide you through your first steps in engaging in naval warfare on this site. I mean, what's cooler than commanding star destroyers right?

Anyways, if you have any further questions, we have a wonderful faction staff more than happy to help you out. [member="Natasi Fortan"], [member="Rolf Amsel"], [member="Samka Derith"] and [member="Torian Pierce"] are our overlords, and they're always looking to help new guys like yourself out.


Yo! I'm here to pitch for the Sith Ascendancy. If villainy under the guise of being the 'good guy' is your goal, take a gander our way. We're a relatively new Major Faction and are still setting up shop, but we do our best to keep everyone involved and ultimately have fun.

Though, if you're looking for a counter-insurgent I will suggest the Ascendancy Intelligence Agency. It's a similar system to how Imperial Intelligence was run in The Old Republic, but with new inclusions such as the Special Forces called the Black Troopers. They fight in both space and on the ground, sometimes dropping right from space to their targets on world through drop pods.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask myself, [member="Ignus"] , or the big boss [member="Tirdarius"] . Welcome to Chaos!

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