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Long road, but worth the journey (training)

Bilquis Abar

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Sochi was completely within her studies. Combat wasn't something she preferred but it was nevertheless inevitable, in most case atleast.She didn't wanna lack in specific areas, especially in combat. Form III was the one form she was practicing today, and actually one of her favorites. She sought out one of many practitioners, who had made this form their own, to train her. From constantly being within the archives, she had studied up enough on the style to know its history. Adding to what she had already been taught,

She sat in the Combat Center, in a room that she had reserved for this specific time. She sat in the center of the room and was meditating. She was also quite fond of those techniques. She figured now was a perfect time to make use of the meditative stance she had learned from her time studying. She could practice Soresu, and Center of being; they sort of went hand and hand. She would wait till combat started for her to officially submit herself to the stance however.

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