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Approved Tech LineShooters Mark I

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  • Manufacturer: Firemane Industries, Lynn Nantaris
  • Model: Grappling Launcer
  • Affiliation: Lynn "Corerunner" Nantaris
  • Modularity: It is the Mark I which means there will be improvement in the future any part. Without further improvement, it can be loaded with different forms of liquid line.
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Titanium, Leather, Tubing
  • Classification: Grapple
  • Size: Wristbands that through tubing to a backpack
  • Length: wristband is 7.62cm. Back back is 0.61m
  • Weight: 1.36kg
  • Ammunition Type: Liquid Cable
  • Ammunition Capacity: Liquid is stored in her backpack which provides her, if shot continuously, for 2000m. This is considered advanced in comparison to the Liquid Spike Launcher which holds enough liquid to shoot for 200m.
  • Effective Range: Same as standard launchers which shoot up to 200m, but past 100m it begins to arc and calculations must be made to hit a target.
  • Rate of Fire: Single action
  • Able to launch line 200m.
  • Holds more liquid line than a standard launcher.
  • Very hard to remove from Lynn's body.
  • Shoots 5 lines
  • While the launchers are small, they require 45 pounds of pressure on trigger to eject the line which puts the line under 400ppi which provides the line the ability 200m without complete drop off.
  • Using a tight fitting backpack rather than the launcher itself, it holds 10 times more than the grappling launcher.
  • While cutting can make this removeable, the launcher is strapped by a tight fighting backpack and leather wristbands so pulling them off is difficult.
  • While some grapple shooters can shoot two lines to make a stronger cable, these shoot 5 lines that wrap around each other upon hardening which provides a superior line strength.

  • Provides quick travel.
  • Wrapped line provides stronger cable
  • No electronics used so works even under EMP blasts.
Weaknesses :
  • Requires 45 pounds of pressure to launch.
  • Backpack can be cut open rendering her ammo leaking and running out.
  • Tubes can be cut preventing the ammo to getting to the launchers.
  • Can be broken with strong, blunt force to the wrist.
On a mission, Lynn was introduced to the species known as Harches. After seeing their ability to shoot webs from their wrists, she thought it a clever idea to use for herself. She partnered with her Father's company and researched Grapple Launchers and came across a public product known as the Ranger's Grapples by a company affiliated with the Silver Jedis. Using the same concept, she created something more geared towards her known as the LineShooters Mk I

The Line Shooters are purely mechanical method to begin with. As a padawan she is merely developing the idea and creating a working model to see how it preforms int he field and will upgrade it over time. The LineShooter starts with the backpack ammo holder. In the ammo holder by default is liquid cable, but can be loaded with other chemicals or liquid cable variations. It is loaded along with pressurised gas to push the line through tubes into two wrist launchers on each hand.

The launchers are simple in nature. In order for the launcher to be fired a palm switch must be pulled down. The middle and ring fingers are to be brought back to the palm and wrist bent back with 45 pounds of pressure is applied to launch it. This is to prevent accidental firing upon punching. The line fired it shot in a straight line, but with aid of the Force it can make slight turns, but it cannot make things like shields, weapons, tornados, web balls, skis or any other things seen from the Spider-Man comics. These are line shooters which only make lines. If, for example, you were to shoot one line to a wall and connect it to another wall over and over it could make a barrier or sticky trap, but again, these only fire straight lights and only become more using things like momentum and physics.

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Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
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Alrighty then.

This technically already exist in canon, it's just a more advanced version.

Approved Pending Secondary

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