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Lin Baden [NPC]

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Habeebullah bin Jabbaar


  • Age: 54
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
  • Species: Human
  • Appearance: Habeebullah bin Jabbaar is a Human male of average height, normally seen in a flowing white cloak and a wooden cane. He supports a large beard, and a hooked nose.
  • Name: Habeebullah bin Jabbaar
  • Loyalties: Loyal to the plots and machinations of one Avedia Lacroix
  • Wealth: Relatively unwealthy
  • Notable Possessions: Wooden cane
  • Skills: He possesses a basic ability to speak Basic, understands Aurebesh and has the capability of driving modern vehicles, as well as flying small shuttles, starfighters and speeder bikes
  • Personality: Habeebullah bin Jabbaar can be described as a man filled with certain views and perspectives of the Jedi Order. He perceives the Jedi to have let him down, let the galaxy down, and as such is filled with a lot of hatred and anger for most things. He was once a kind man, but the tradegy of losing his family has made him an extremist in his views.
  • Weapon of Choice: Bio-weaponry
  • Combat Function: If Habeebullah bin Jabbaar was to be caught in a straight 1v1 fight with other NPCs or PC characters, he would lose comfortablity. He isn't agile, he has a bad shot with blasters and is quite slow when moving. It is also noteable that he is quite weak physically. No, his combat function lays in his advanced planning of attacks, and his determination for self-sacrifice.
Habeebullah bin Jabbaar was born on the Outer Rim World of Tatooine, where he was brought up as a slave to the then reigning Hutt Cartel. When he was older, he was drafted to serve under Crime Lords as their personal servants. Following the Netherworld event, where his Masters suddenly disappeared, Habeebullah felt freedom for the first time. His freedom came at a cost, however, because upon discovering that his family had also disappeared, he was left with nothing but his hatred. Plotting his revenge against the Jedi, who he perceived to be responsible for what had happened to him, he was discovered by a Sith Lord called Darth Vupua, and was convinced into going through with the ultimate sacrifice, for that of his family: to detonate a bioweapon that Vupua had created, which subsequently end his wretched existence and that of the people he so loathed.
[member="Avedia Lacroix"]

If you cannot find an image that is not a person implicated as being involved in a terror attack or come up with a name that isn't an obvious corruption of a person implicated as being involved in a terror attack, I am going to deny this submission.
[member="Feeto Chivaro"]

I am trying to create an authenticate suicide bomber for an upcoming story I am planning to create. Am I violating site rules or something?
[member="Avedia Lacroix"]

Creating an "authenticate" suicide bomber can be done without blatantly, and distastefully, drawing on real world subjects. I cannot understand why you would think employing images of real terrorists who are responsible for the loss of real lives is appropriate. Please change the name of the character and image of the submission. I am not going to ask you again.
[member="Avedia Lacroix"] | [member="Mahet"]

You've managed to bring this from distasteful to inappropriate. I cannot reasonably conceive a scenario where you haven't done this purposefully, so now I'm just going to deny your submission. I am not denying this because this is a suicide bomber, I am denying this because you elected to inject a very tangible element of cultural insensitivity. Please reevaluate your stances in life if you honestly think a Star Wars suicide bomber needs an Arabic name and a turban to be "authentic."

If someone higher up the chain decides that this is okay, they will reverse the decision.
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