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Lilian Silvas

Lilian Silvas


NAME: Lilian Greer Silvas
RANK: Disciple
AGE: 18
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 119lbs
EYES: pale green
HAIR: Strawberry blonde/reddish ... something.
SKIN: Ivory


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


Low Pain Tolerance - Being young and inexperienced in the ways of the galaxy, she has not yet had enough things go wrong in her life, to really develop any tolerance to pain. The girl hasn't even broken a single bone.

Unskilled in Combat in Any Form - Being from an average middle class home, combat was not something the yong woman was train in at any point

Panic Attacks - With too much stress and pressure, Lilian panics easily and if not able to calm herself quickly it will develop into a full blow attack.
Book Smart: The girl is quite smart, brilliant in some places and easily picks up new knowledge.

Mental Aspects of the Force: It will be a strength once she has taken the time to train in said skills. It's something I plan for her to be good at.

None. For a normal family, she's forced to transports to get about the galaxy and get to where she desires to be. A ship for her, right now is out of her ability to afford.

-completely feels this bio sucks but I hate bio writing-

Lilian was born to your average middle class family upon Corellia. Everything about her childhood and early life was normal in as much as it could be. Lilian was a force user but her powers truly had not manifested quite yet. The girl was only vaguely aware that she had great reflexes but beyond that the girl just had no idea of her potential.

At her graduation, her parents presented her with some money they had been saving up. They wished for her to be able to travel the universe for a while before she settled to go to college. This trip, she'd no idea would change her life forever.