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Lightsaber training.


Like Lightning
Alright I need some. I know only Shien, and would like to learn Soresu, and Trikata Maybe even a few force powers. But I want to keep the force on Xander to a low amount. That way he can rely on his brain and skills with a lightsaber to do his talking. I see alot of other people with alot of powers (including one of my own characters) and so I want to break that. Wanting to lack in the force rather than excel. I need more lightsaber training rather than Force. If anyone is willing, then that would be great. And as for powers. Light or dark It doesn't matter to me. The force is a tool, not a side that is to be chosen.

Flint Dexen

Wandering Lost Soul
I can teach you basics of Soresu if you'd like for me to, @[member="Xander Carrick"].