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Lightsaber for AD-Iqatar.13 [DONE]


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂


Intent: To construct a weapon for AD-Iqatar.13

Image Source:

Canon Link: N/A

Restricted Missions: N/A

Primary Source: ​N/A


Manufacturer: AD-Iqatar.13

Model: Merciful Fate

Affiliation: AD-Iqatar.13

Modularity: Yes, basic lightsaber and material components

Production: Unique

Material: ​Alusteel, Turadium, Phrik plating, Sapith Crystal, Viridian Crystal


Classification: ​Lightsaber

Size: One/Two Handed

Length: Hilt, 0.29m Blade, 1.45m

Weight: 1kg.


Biometric palm scanner
Smokescreen Generator
Droid Lockout Bypass


Biometric Palm Scanner: The hilt is crafted for her use only. If anyone attempts to use it, the lightsaber will not ignite.

Smokescreen Generator: A small generator is crafted at the end of the hilt, where the blade emits. When used, a smokescreen will be casted out covering a range of 1.22m.

Droid Lockout Bypass: The end of the hilt has a hookup that can be utilized for insertion of locks, to break or slice through them.


Biometric Palm Scanner: Nobody can utilize the weapon other than her.


​Blade or Smoke: If the blade is activated, the smokescreen generator is deactivated. During the use of the smokescreen, the blade cannot be activated until the smoke is fully dispersed. The average time of smoke dispersal is thirty seconds.


After scavenging parts from various mechanical devices, AD-Iqatar.13 created her lightsaber; which she had knowledge of but was not aware of how she knew this technique. The weapon is more than just a weapon, it can assist her in bypassing locks either traditional styles or computer terminals.

For fear of someone using her own weapon against her, she added the biometric palm scanner to ensure her own safety. She added the smokescreen generator for defense purposes only. When it came to choosing crystals, she went with the Sapith crystal for it's effect of creating a more intense blade for easy control.

The main weakness of the weapon was not being able to use the smokescreen generator or blade at once. It was either one or the other.

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