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Approved Tech Light Shards

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Aela Talith

The Righteous
  • Intent: To sub something that can destroy darkside Artifacts
  • Image Source: Me
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Dagger
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Average
  • Crystal
  • [+]Force Light Shard: The Light Shards, as their names are implied, are small pieces of crystal that have been imbued with the ability known as 'force light'. This gives the crystal special properties attributed to that ability, mainly that of the destruction of the darkside. In simplest terms, these shards are a singular powerful burst of Force Light, reacting in the exact same manner that a standard attack of Force Light would. This of course makes the Shards incredibly effective against darkside artifacts, Sith Swords, Sith Themselves, and anything else steeped within the Darkside of the Force.
  • [-]One Shot: Light Shards can really only be used once. The point of attacking with one of these things is to 'shatter' the crystal, releasing the trapped burst of force light and immediately unleashing it's power. There is no taking this back, and once a crystal has been shattered it cannot be reused.
With the Rise of the Sith in the galaxy once more, the darkside and it's plague has become more and more pervasive.

The spread of the Sith meant inevitably that their tools would eventually scatter throughout the galaxy. Both during the rule of the One Sith as well as the Original Sith Empire, Darkside Artifacts, Sith Tombs, and of course Sith themselves became uncomfortably common. Though Aela herself was perfectly capable of combating this, utilizing both the Sword forged by her grandfather as well as her own abilities, she knew that many in the galaxy did not have the same liberty.

Having seen this before, and knowing exactly what was about to happen, Aela began to enact a small plan to assist those people who wanted to fight against the Sith but had little means to do so themselves. This of course naturally turned her towards the Force.

Though Aela Talith has no real gift within alchemy or force imbument, her brother Micah does.

Imploring her recently awakened sibling, and bribing him with sweet cakes, Aela began to prattle off her idea for a tool that could be used against Darksiders and their tools of destruction. Micah, being the clever lad he is, figured out a method of manufacturing slivers of Force Light. This created a weapon that could be used at any time, by anyone, to effectively destroy both Sith and their tools.

Happily, Micah and Aela manufactured several of these Shards themselves, though mostly utilizing Aela's own powers due to Micah's recent injuries.

They also divulged the technique of their manufacture to several trusted friends, ensuring that more people around the galaxy could acquire these when necessary.
Renegade Rodian
[member="Aela Talith"]

If you could please provide a link to the Force Light ability somewhere in this submission, that would be great.
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