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Liad's Testament

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased

  • Intent: To create the culmination of Resu evolution, the ultimate and terrible manifestation of plagues given sentience
  • Image Credit:
  • Role: To serve as both a boon and a punishment to the Moross Covent on a random basis
  • Links:
    Second Contact - The initial turning of Stone Hermes and the Twelve Shikyun Queens into the Resuspawn that would become the Plaguebearer's of Moross "Liad's Testament".
  • Home At Last - Through a mass communique of former Moross Crusade resources, the attention of Aesir Liad is brought to Exocron, former capital of the Crusade...

  • Unit Name: The Plaguebearers of Moross "Liad's Testament"
  • Affiliation: The Moross Covent, The Resuspawn Horde
  • Classification: Roaming Terror
  • Equipment: None, except biological weaponary such as -
    Technoviral flesh (armor and contagion)
  • Vongpsawn flesh (protrusions with contagion)
  • High Regenerative abilities (due to viral flesh)
  • Resuspawn Toxin Stinger (toxic tail)
  • Bio-electric attack (species trait)
  • Four Tusks, excessive back-spines, claws/teeth (species trait)
  • "Weaponized" Protrusions (sword-like appendages, etc.)

  • Availability: Unique
  • Deployment: Mass
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
    (+) Fearless Loyalty - These creatures do not acknowledge self-preservation and will continue to fight till death, defending their Brood members with rabid loyalty. Additionally, they will act on the will of "Aesir Liad" (the former Stone Hermes) and his Twelve Queen Wives without hesitation.
  • (+) Toxic - Every inch of the Plaguebearers is a toxic cocktail of vicious contagions that turn their victims into technobeasts, vongspawn, or both simultaneously until they die. Against other Resu or Morossian Resu, the turn them into more Resuspawn.
  • (+) Living Bioweapon - The Resuspawn are the ultimate evolution of the Resu, with extra tusks, back-spines, claws, teeth, natural body armor, and occasionally limbs, all of which they can regenerate with time. They can conduct electricity into powerful attacks, see in the infrared, they are amphibious, and can even survive in the vacuum of space for an exceptionally long time. They are bigger, stronger, and more deadly than nearly any living thing in the galaxy, and that's before you take into account their toxic flesh...
  • (-) Diminished Intelligence - Although once a species of intelligence, the Resuspawn of the Plaguebearer's cannot hold a candle to even the dimmest of their former selves. They are easily drawn to traps, and without self-preservation hardly think on what they could mean. They are pure aggression in raw form, and this is easily exploited.
  • (-) "Achilles Heel" - Despite their armored flesh, there are at least two points of constant vulnerability, the hydrogen sacs that facilitate the hydrogenation of water into their interior gills. Targeting and blowing even one of these sacs of hydrogen is sure to heavily damage and slow down a Resuspawn, making it more difficult to breathe and thus function. Blow the other one, and in seconds they will begin to asphyxiate and die painfully. Luckily for the Resuspawn, these sacs are located on the back underneath various back-spines as protection, but a could blaster bolt nestled into their will cause the hydrogen sacs to explode violently...
  • (-) Vulnerable Patches - Not all of the Plaguebearer's flesh is covered in the durasteel flesh of the technovirus, and the parts that are vongflesh are vulnerable to damage.
  • (-) Force Light - These abominations of the dark side will parish in the face of Force Light
  • (-) Mind Control - With pure aggression and increasingly simple psychology, and a greater connection to the dark side due to the Sith Magics coursing through their flesh, mind control (especially of the dark side) is particularly effective against the Plaguebearer's. Though most illusions are not, unless the illusionist is familiar with their unique set of senses.
  • (-) Gravity Sensitive - With most Resuspawn hailing directly from Shikyu, their lunar homeworld, their presence on worlds with gravity greater than 0.3 G is uncomfortable for them, and while they can withstand it, this will diminish their speed and relative strength to creatures of comparable size. Though beware, some Resuspawn were birthed and created on terrestrial worlds of around 1 G, meaning this particular weakness is not always true for each individual Plaguebearer.

[*]Description: The Plaguebearer's of Moross, "Liad's Testament", are just a small portion of the greater Resuspawn Horde that has invested the Realm of Resu formerly occupied by the Morossian Resu, and the ancestral home of the original Resu (the remnants of which have fled to Resu Exodu to build anew). Liad's testament is simply the particular brood associate with the figure formerly known as Stone Hermes, who now only acknowledges the name "Aesir Liad", the last conscious thought he held before becoming converted into this diseased monstrosity. This army of bioweapons though, has no specific direction or authority, it merely roams and causes terror wherever it goes, whether that is in the service of the Moross Covent or against it, is of little concern for the Aesir Liad, god of disease and cures. At times, the appearance of the Plaguebearer's could be a great boon to the Moross Covent... but it is just as likely to become a terrible and random punishment.

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased

  • Intent: To create the antithesis of the abomination that Stone Hermes, "Aesir Liad", has become, and a stable ally for the Moross Covent to rely upon.
  • ​Image Credit: Seems to be the oldest surviving link of this concept art of a Predalian

[*]Role: Unwitting leader of the last hold out of Morossian Resu believers who oppose the heresy of the Plaguebearers
  • Home at Last - Through a mass communique of former Moross Crusade resources, the attention of Platinum Herald is brought to Exocron, former capital of the Crusade...

  • Age: 50
  • Force Sensitivity: NFU (Force Blind)
  • Species: Morossian Resu
  • Appearance: There is little variety in the appearance of the Morossian Resu, hulking beasts of sharp metallic edges, tusks, claws, and teeth, with tubes over their gills and no eyes. Platinum Herald is much of the same.
  • Name: Platinum Herald
  • Loyalties: The Moross Crusade (Formerly), The Moross Covent
  • Wealth: Nothing, save the wealth of respect
  • Notable Possessions: N/a
  • Skills:
  • Tactician
  • Leadership

  • Serious
  • Faithful
  • Desperate

  • Weapon of Choice: Blade
  • Combat Function: As a Morossian Resu, Platinum Herald is a living weapon of sharp blades, impressive relative strength, bioelectric attack, and toxic with the techno-virus across his entire body. This, coupled with the Veterans long life of warfare has molded him into a serious and unshakable tactical warrior, who has come to master the blade since becoming a Morossian.

As all Morossian Resu have, Platinum Herald has lived two distinct lives. The first was of course his life as a Resu, a blind aquatic creature living in the dark depths of the ice moons of the Realm of Resu. His entire life was marred by the ritual combat of the Resu, from birth, to his final moments as a Resu.

His entire mind was that of his family and its king, and the Emperor's beside him, and the Empress's above them all. Constantly would he do battle with the other feuding families and their royalty, with tusk swords and poison, the War of Resu continued eternally... until the deity, Neth the Keeper descended upon their world and destroyed the ancient spirits of Shikyu and the Realm, the mortal coils of the worthy Resu would be touched by the alien hand they did not recognize, and forever their future was changed by the forbidden knowledge used to imbue the Resu with divine faith.

This faith transcended all families of Resu, and the War Eternal ended, giving the Resu time now to destroy the enemies of their faith in the Morossian Pantheon of Divine Gods. All Resu would be reborn by the blade of the First Convert, Stone Hermes, servant of Neth the Keeper, divine Archiver of the faith inscribed now in the very hearts of every Morossian Resu that walked the remnant of their ancestor's shaken realm.

One Resu that had been reborn in the faith of Moross, was Platinum Herald, who in his past life had been an esteemed Veteran and healer to his former family. His intelligence was joined into the faith of the vast community and greater family the Morossian Resu had become. A great era of uniformity against the tides of evil would befall them, as they crusaded across alien stars to destroy the vile Horde. An era of great noise and heat... followed by an era of eerie silence and coldness.

The Crusade was dead, and the faith of Platinum Herald was shaken, yet clung desperately to hope. His heart was to hope, as the First Convert's heart turned to heresy of the highest order.

The collective consciousness of the Morossian Resu was shattered as the guidance of the divines faltered and died from the mortal plane, as mortals were claimed to the Netherworld. Once more Resu blood and oil drenched the oceans of Shikyu as conflict erupted not upon the enemies of Moross but upon Moross itself.

Platinum Herald was branded a heretic, but he knew the truth. The empire Stone Hermes had created was not one of divination, but the delusions of desperate mortals. Through sheer presence, Platinum Herald rose as the natural leader of the resistance against the tyranny of Stone Hermes and his theocracy, even as Platinum Herald was unwitting in taking such responsibility.

When Stone Hermes took the final step of heresy, and binded his body to the vile disease of their enemy, the Horde, creating the dreaded Resuspawn, Platinum Herald knew there was little hope for the realm and sought to rejoin the survivors of his past life, to assist the beings known as the CybeResu to rescue the refugees Stone Hermes had held on Yraska. The exile Iron Giant, leader of the CybeResu, did not fair to his offer of help well, actively fighting his help.

Distressed, Platinum Herald had little hope to resist the surge of evil that would spill from Shikyu, as a result of Stone Hermes actions, the heresy in assume the title of Aesir Liad, god of disease and cures. The last hope of his faith, was nearly extinguished.

After years of fighting and evading the Resuspawn Horde, a call went out across the Kathol Outback, hoping to bring back the faithful to Exocron, Platninum Herald's faith was rekindled, and sought to desperately make it to Exocron, to relay the horrors of his broken realm...